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Yes, I looked in the knowledge base and did a search...

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And I know it has been posted before, so apologies in advance for not finding the information on my own...


That being said...so I know how to get the frame rates to show up at the top of the screen in WOE and I know there is a way to change what information is displayed up there along with the frame rates...I extracted the huddata.ini and did not see it in there...basically I want the G-forces displayed...seems like there once was a litany of information that you could get turned on to display there, like a "de-bug" feature almost


Is this still available and if so, how?


Again, I know this already been covered and if you feel the need to issue a "look here" posting, go ahead, as long as you give me the information I need...

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Damn, i remeber in HUD data you need to put something "true" but i forget now :blowup:




change to TRUE hehe



nvm xD

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That's a good question, can you get the debug mode to display only specific info? I am not sure. Anyone?


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