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hey, by mistake my frnd bought me the russian vrs nof the game.is there no way i can change it to eng now??i have v1.12b installed over it n ada mod as well, but still things r in russian.


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Hi slash,

Yes, there is a way! I also have Russian version, and although I understand Russian fairly, it took me too long to get around certain items.


You can do one of two things:

1. Search for a torrent of English version FC (Lock On Gold). Now, you will not be able to play this one, but you can install it!

If possible, install it to a separate PC. Otherwise you will have to remove it later on, and to reinstall Russian version (because of the registry settings in Windows).

After you install English FC, copy following folders from this (non-working) FC installation to a safe location on your disk:










(At this point to not deinstall or delete the source). Now, from above folders delete everything APART FROM:







FUI\Common\airgroup-01.dds, knopka-main.tga, knopka-tools.tga, main-1024.dds, main-screen.dds, open-02.dds, startimage.bmp




Input\ EnglishVersion\*.*


Network\ EnglishVersion\ NetText.cfg

PilotLogBook\Countries.xml, Pilots.xml


You may also want to save a copy of folder "Doc" as all the manuals are here.

*.* means to copy all files from that folder, but not all of the folders (if any other that above exists).

This way you will preserve folder structure.


Now, deinstall English version and reinstall Russian and install Patch 1.12 for Russian version,

(For this, try one of the following links: LINK 1 or LINK 2 )

… and check if Russian FC is working at all.


Now, copy all of the above (preserved) files to you Russian FC folder. That’s it.


Just to make it clear - I'm not solicitating illegal copies! I do not know the way to make illegal FC run, but you can install it. This is what I have done few years back. I took these files from English FC and used it on my Russian (and legal!) FC installation.


2. Wait for a few days (and hope it will not turn into weeks) until I find where are my ModMan packages. Years ago I've created Croatian translation for Lock On, both 1.02 and 1.12, and in the process I've created English "translation" for Russian version, but I've never published those.


Hope this helps,


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