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  1. hey!is there any desert campaign wherein u can fly that mig21 u downloaded??i looked all over the campaigns and missions section but couldnt come across any
  2. is there no QMB for WoE wherein i can quickly set a dogfight or something?single missions tab in game places the hostile planes veeeery far away-a headache to get to them.
  3. hey! ok i downloaded n installed this "supersonics pack" for mig21-type 74,74 n 77. the skin is wonderful n quite original to IAF but the cockpit isnt of mig21...i tried my best n i mean the BEST..i deleted al the files in cokpit folder and even put in the cockpit files from a czech mig21 file(which is working absolutely fine) but yet the cockpit isnt changing...any ideas any 1?? thx! n yea, i use WOE
  4. aahh!!thx a lot guys!!really helpful of u :)
  5. dude the thing is i have grown up with il21946 and lomacs...so maybe thats y..woe is quite old u know..btw whts ur opinion on woi?
  6. hey! i am new here ..i looked all over the site but couldnt find any download for mig 21..is there any available with its own cockpit??some help plz.thx
  7. hey! many a thx for this dude!i am myself from India and my dad is an army officer; a gr8 oppurtunity to bang some paki arses personally(if only online for me)..lol.anywho, thx a lot m8!
  8. hey!i got this game just a few hours back ,but i must say it didnt exactly meet my expectations...theres no training in it and moreover theres simply no way u can vert take off a harrier!!(or is there..?)since i didnt find anything in the controls section that may suggest otherwise...
  9. hey, by mistake my frnd bought me the russian vrs nof the game.is there no way i can change it to eng now??i have v1.12b installed over it n ada mod as well, but still things r in russian. thx:)
  10. FF5

    is it just an add on over AF or will it have to be bought separately?? thx :)
  11. is there any mig 29 campaign available to download on any forum u may be knowing of?cz i know this forum at least doesnt have it neither does the stock game thx!
  12. flyable mig21s or/and mirages...with their OWN cockpit unlike lomac where its two planes in one literally also, i was wondering how good a game this WOI really is?i have played janes usaf quite thoroughly a few years back and i was wondering if WOI has graphics and stuff as old as usaf or wht thx!

    that sounds quite cool, quite u plz post me the link of the RV patch that u used m8?will really appreciate that.

    hey some guy on youtube told me its possible to apply RV to AF and get an extra plane-tomcat with its own authentic cockpit.how true is that?
  15. ramp start

    loool!yea man exactly!so wht i did was i ran a srch on google "how to steer a plane on taxiway" and it showed something like NWS activation...even after that i had a hard time finding this NWS,so i went through the manual and found out its on the D console, i started the game for the umpteenth time but still couldnt find it...!!finally i ran a google IMAGE search on "NWS in f16" n lol, i found out its on the planes stick..i knew i would get my answer from google since f4 is a sim n it should be closest to the real deal. P.S:this shows one flaw in the manual...D console doesnt have NWS

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