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  1. Where can we download it from? There is some Mi-24P in download section, but is this the same?
  2. Longbow 2 v2.09

    I've tried many advices and fixes to run LB2 on newer OS's, but nothing worked for me. Finally, I managed to run it without any problems on virtual PC, using Oracle VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/ Be sure to read all tutorial in full, they explain everything you need to set up VPC running Win98: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=89dbe000e7921c3fe43317b6fd5bc795 AV8R joystick is working OK, will try few more if time permits.
  3. This is way to cool to use even the "ubercool" to describe
  4. Hojla! Kao ide? Hi there! Any progress with this project? I'll be more then happy if you could present it on our forum for Croatian Virtual Combat Flyers: http://lockonhr.com Cheers!
  5. Croatian Lock On virtual Air Force

    Bok! evo, baš smo se "čuli" preko foruma :D Heh, 5 ovdje, 5 ondje... Tako se i našlo nas 50. Bilo nas je 5-10 davno prije dok je pod vodstvom Stealth-a postojao 9A forum (niner-alpha). To se iz raznih razloga raspalo, uglavnom jer su ljudi bili prezaposleni. Meni je više dojadilo što se vucaramo po svuda, pa je nar nekoliko, par iz 9A, par novih i par drugih odlučilo pokrenuti sve ispočetka. Šteta što više ljudi nije aktivno, ali ako ništa drugo imamo aktivne posjetitelje iz kvalitetskog srpskog klana =SE= (Serbian Eagles). Pokušavamo složiti vlastiti poslužitelj, imamo teamspeak i u kontaktu smo s IL2 ekipom iz CroDogyard. POZ! Babalui
  6. Hi all, I hope this board is a right place for me to introduce first Croatian forum for LOMAC/FC (Lock On: Modern Air Combat and Flaming Cliffs) support. We started about two months ago and already have about 50 members. Our intention is to create a Croatian virtual Air Force and provide a support for all Croatian flyers of LOMAC/FC, but as all us started with other fsims and still spend some quality time in pits of WoE, IL2, MSFS and other sims, we are open to all fylers! Our address is: http://lockonhr.com Thank you for your attention, Babalui
  7. Patches 1.12a and 1.12b differ only in StarForce version - 1.12b is compatible with Vista. However, you can install 1.12b on XP with no problems. As for game not starting, try to run in it in a compatibility mode. Go to FC folder, right click lockon.exe and choose tab Compatibility. Check the option "Run in Comp mode" and choose any from the list until you make it run. Try restarting between switching the modes. A friend of mine with XP+SP2 had to switch this into NT4.0 ! Only that was was working for him. Hope this helps, Babalui
  8. In game options try to reduce the color depth from 32 bit to 16 bit. Also, recude or disable reflections and play around with other settings. This helps sometimes. 64 MB is enough to make the game running. If I remember correctly, until a year ago a friend of mine had it running on 32 MB card, MX400 series I beleive.
  9. Russky

    Hi slash, Yes, there is a way! I also have Russian version, and although I understand Russian fairly, it took me too long to get around certain items. You can do one of two things: 1. Search for a torrent of English version FC (Lock On Gold). Now, you will not be able to play this one, but you can install it! If possible, install it to a separate PC. Otherwise you will have to remove it later on, and to reinstall Russian version (because of the registry settings in Windows). After you install English FC, copy following folders from this (non-working) FC installation to a safe location on your disk: Config Doc Enc FUI Input ME Network PilotLogBook (At this point to not deinstall or delete the source). Now, from above folders delete everything APART FROM: Config\Localizer.cfg Config\View\Strings.xml Enc\*.* FUI\Fonts.cfg FUI\Common\Weapons\*.* FUI\Common\airgroup-01.dds, knopka-main.tga, knopka-tools.tga, main-1024.dds, main-screen.dds, open-02.dds, startimage.bmp FUI\EnglishVersion\*.* FUI\Fonts\*.* FUI\Resources\*.* Input\ EnglishVersion\*.* ME\*.* Network\ EnglishVersion\ NetText.cfg PilotLogBook\Countries.xml, Pilots.xml You may also want to save a copy of folder "Doc" as all the manuals are here. *.* means to copy all files from that folder, but not all of the folders (if any other that above exists). This way you will preserve folder structure. Now, deinstall English version and reinstall Russian and install Patch 1.12 for Russian version, (For this, try one of the following links: LINK 1 or LINK 2 ) … and check if Russian FC is working at all. Now, copy all of the above (preserved) files to you Russian FC folder. That’s it. Just to make it clear - I'm not solicitating illegal copies! I do not know the way to make illegal FC run, but you can install it. This is what I have done few years back. I took these files from English FC and used it on my Russian (and legal!) FC installation. 2. Wait for a few days (and hope it will not turn into weeks) until I find where are my ModMan packages. Years ago I've created Croatian translation for Lock On, both 1.02 and 1.12, and in the process I've created English "translation" for Russian version, but I've never published those. Hope this helps, Babalui

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