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Operation Rubicon (WOE) - The BDA Missions

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Operation Rubicon (WOE) - The BDA Missions

Operation Rubicon (for WOE) – The Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) Missions


Welcome. These missions complement and extend the existing Operation Rubicon scenario (see here: http://forum.combata...p;showfile=6299)



If there are any problems with these missions and my own mods, then please contact me directly, not the authors of any prerequisites that I have used. Thanks.


Missions Provided in this Set


F-111F (in stealth camo) departs Jever Airbase on Recon mission to carry out BDA for the Rostock Naval yard strikes

RF-111G (experimental aircraft) departs Jever Airbase on Recon mission (as above)

F-15A departs Jever Airbase on Escort mission to see F-111F/RF-111G safely into enemy airspace for their BDA mission


Lightning F6 departs RAF Wunstorf on QRA mission to defend returning Laage strike force, and also assist Jaguar on BDA mission to Laage airbase

Jaguar GR.1 departs RAF Gütersloh on Recon mission to assess Laage bomb damage



The enclosed README is written in HTML so the few prerequisites that I've used are easy to find.



  1. Combat & Training Missions for each aircraft listed above
  2. NATO briefings (for each type of mission, includes detailed planning map)
  3. Installation Guide (i.e README)


Screenshots Available Here: http://forum.combata...rt=#entry149152


Any problems, please let me know.


Thanks, regards, comrpnt. :-)


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