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  1. A question : Will it be mission or campaign orientated?
  2. What you noticed is interesting but has nothing to do with what we are talking about : the AI flights WILL drop un guided bombs, but will not drop guided bombs
  3. it did happen in sf1: AI flight would not drop guided bombs
  4. I know that it has been tested only for SF2 by the modder Has any of downloaders tested on Sf1?
  5. Which means launched only by your flight, and not from AI?: which makes a "modern" campaign with use of cruise missiles, impossible
  6. do Cruise_missile missions work only versus ships, or ground targets as well?
  7. What is the difference between naval_attack and cruise_missile?
  8. Remind again the sequence of patching please,, base install, merge all the games and patch..is jul2013 enough?
  9. I have to reinstall the main folder of SF2: mods folder are already packed fortunately Which patch level should I choose? I would like various opinions, and possibly with motivations, in order to prepare a new install: I will use eburger packages so I should be minimum at march 2012 I understand that it is a matter of compromises: I would like to understand the better possible one Thank you in advance
  10. it does work: I tried again. Problem is for ground objects I noticed that wont benefit from the exported=true statement- I wanted to do an sold style paran-dhimar and without soviet nation it crashes because it doesnt found ground objects to spawn, i think. On the other hand, on desert with usaf dhimar paran soviet usmc selected, I got no other nationalities airplanes
  11. Really? Could you Point me how? I tried the two statements as in the above post, with dhimar and paran, but i had no result, in single mission, still everything is spawned
  12. Is the limitednations=true in terrain.in and the limitednationslist in terrain_nations ini working in series 1? I can"t really recall
  13. Ethiopia, African Horn (1993-2028)

    This would be a nice TAW revival terrain, and someone should really think of a Ethipia/Eritrea campaign with interesting red on red hardware situations. Also some "black hawk down" somalia scenarios could be conceived

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