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  1. Really? Could you Point me how? I tried the two statements as in the above post, with dhimar and paran, but i had no result, in single mission, still everything is spawned
  2. Is the limitednations=true in terrain.in and the limitednationslist in terrain_nations ini working in series 1? I can"t really recall
  3. Ethiopia, African Horn (1993-2028)

    This would be a nice TAW revival terrain, and someone should really think of a Ethipia/Eritrea campaign with interesting red on red hardware situations. Also some "black hawk down" somalia scenarios could be conceived
  4. I f you hae vietnam mod in multiple packs by eburger , the b-26K should be in Steel Tiger and flyable
  5. But what does ıt mean multıple targets at once? Does ıt apply only to semı actıve mıssıles? For example ın the EF2000 I should be able to launch a salvo of amramm just by swıtchıng theır targets
  6. So finally what is the solution? the board on tW forum is hidden now
  7. Actually in series 1 in the GOING downtown missions, for example, with eburgers fantastic pack, I have sometimes up to 8-9 sam in the air. Series 2 (last patch) , with the same eburger package has as much as 2-3 sam in the air. Everything on hard settings, and even added a few SEPARATE arease for sam site in hanoi Series 2 has much less SAM activity then series 1.
  8. Which is still not enough. Even the insane rating of the SF2V flak is not enough to be really scary
  9. After years, still bugs poppin'up
  10. I am back to SF and to SF2. Two issues on patch july 2012 In Campaigns there are no static airplanes. On some terrain only large airplanes Force feedback centering stops working during flight.
  11. MB-339A

  12. Hippo MBT

  13. Realistic Head Movement


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