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How to change the track range of the radar on a F-14

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I have put a F-14 + AIM-54 in to WOI and I was wondering does anyone know how to change the tracking range of the radar. It's limited to 50nm and i'd like to up it for the AIM-54?



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In the Avionics.ini there are different radar modes, correlated to different numbers.








In the older Avionics.ini for the Tomcat, there are 6 settings, going from 5 to 200. Setting 5 is 100NM. Find the line "TrackRangeSetting=". Make sure it looks like this:




This allows the radar to track targets at 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100NM modes.


The F-14 with the new avionics included in the Harrier Campaign or The Trooper's Cockpit Upgrade (uses the same avionics) has a different set up. I'm not as familliar with its ini, but there is a line TrackRange=160, and if I spot a target with the 200NM scan, I can switch to 100NM, hit select next radar target, the cursor reaches the top of the radar screen and I can then track them beyond 100NM. This number indicates to me that the target can be tracked at 160NM.

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