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  1. I believe it was Fubar who figured this one out - someone correct me if I'm wrong so I credit correctly, but yes, you can add a g-limiter to your plane. Add this to the [Fuselage] section of the aircraft data.ini: SystemName[XXX]=CAT1_G_Limiter (NOTE: Add the next number iteration from the Fuselage section. For example, if the last entry was SystemName[028]=RightStab, you'd name the limiter SystemName[029]=CAT1_G_Limiter) Then, somewhere below that (I usually keep it in the section which defines the wings, vert tails, stabs, etc.): [CAT1_G_Limiter] SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_G_loading CLiftdc=-2.7500 CDdc=0.0 Cmdc=-0.350 AreaRatio=2.000 SmoothDeployment=TRUE Setting[1].Angle=45.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=7.33 Setting[1].RetractValue=7.25 MaxDeflection=20.0 MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=5.0 ModelNodeName=Internal For this example, the g-limit is set to 7.33g. I think the retract value can be closer to the deploy value, but I don't think they can be the same, and retract should be slightly below deploy. So, if you want your F/A-18 to follow its nominal symmetric g-limit of 7.5, or even a slight overshoot to 8.0, you can set the DeployValue= to, say 7.55 or 8.0 or something thereabouts. The retract value should be something like 7.45 or 7.95, respectively. Play with it a bit to see what works best.
  2. The Super Pack Turkeys use a number of asymmetric loadouts for TARPS and Strike (e.g., differential pod/ECA/EFA on Phoenix pylons, TARPS pod and nothing on back pylons, and for strike LANTIRN pod on one glove pylon and Sparrow or Phoenix on the other). It's especially noticeable on the F-14A/B/D_(96) aircraft, so you can look at that. I thought the Tornado did something similar for some of its loadouts, too.
  3. Wow, I have no idea why the US version would be censored. Whatever, at least they got rid of that stupid DOGFIGHT MOOODDDDEEE! Some hope remains for this one.
  4. No textures as in the plane is not appearing or no textures as in it appears but shows up in all black? The plane should work fine in SF2V, since it is a stock model in that game. It could be your expansion is trying to render a squadron that isn't installed.
  5. No, not yet. I do have FC3 for DCS for the F-15, Su-27 and whatnot. I've really got to set everything up and actually play. Kind of in the midst of several games ATM. If/when that HeatBlur F-14 gets released I'm sure I'll drop everything else and jump into DCS immediately. I probably will get the F/A-18 at some point.
  6. Ah, OK. Thanks for clearing that up!
  7. Hey, all. While I'm anxiously awaiting Heatblur's Turkey, I booted Steam today and got a pop-up indicating the Hornet is available for DCS World 2.5 Beta. $79.99 entry fee! BUT! I also didn't see a topic about this yet, so I figured I'd post something. Cheers and good hunting!
  8. Top Gun Maverick

    My only hope is that it doesn't suck completely. If it's watchable, I'll consider that a win.
  9. Alan Bean passes away at 86

  10. No joy

    "No Joy" means that you don't have visual (or radar) contact on an aircraft/target/object of interest. Your wingman is telling you he either cannot see or does not have radar contact on the target you are telling him to attack. As for how to make your wingman/section attack that target, follow MigBuster's instructions, then direct your wingman to attack.
  11. I'm glad Bio mentioned that the carriage of various weapons and tanks affects the performance of fighters. This is something a lot of folks don't think about; you see the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds (or let's say an F-15C or F-14B or MiG-29 or Su-27/30/etc.) do demonstrations with aircraft stripped of all ordnance and assume said aircraft is going to handle like that in combat--that's not the case. Sling some weapon pylons and the weapons themselves as well as some bags of gas to the fighter and well, it's not going to turn or push vertically like you see in a demonstration. Hell, simply having the racks on the bird is going to affect its performance! Thanks for sharing, MB.
  12. Apart from the above (terrains, baseline aircraft/weapons, campaign requirements), there is also the AvionicsF14A.dll that only comes with Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic. If you want to use any aircraft with Track While Scan/multi-shot active missile capability, you need to have SF2:NA. Apart from the F-14 Super Pack and a version of the F-22, I don't recall how many other mod aircraft use this file, but North Atlantic is the one that has it.
  13. Fortunately, in this particular accident the pilot did safely eject and survive. Aircraft was BuNo 145357 (AB-212), pilot was Lt Jg Terry Kryway. There's a short explanation here: http://www.crusader.gaetanmarie.com/articles/hardlanding/ahardlanding.htm, also a listing over at Joe Baugher (http://www.joebaugher.com/navy_serials/thirdseries18.html).
  14. Hey Slack Asses......

    Damn, nice ride. You have been busy!

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