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  1. ALCON, Earlier today, Heatblur ran a live stream of the F-14 to show off some of the aircraft's capabilities, and current state of development. The stream is long, at over 2 hours and 9 minutes, so you may want to skip around. Some highlights include: 1. Aerial refueling with a KC-130 tanker - this takes a long time, both Victory-2 and Diamond-2 have a hell of a time getting contact. 2. Low-altitude strike 3. Air-to-air engagement (not any proper dogfighting, mostly stand-off and against non-maneuvering targets) 4. Inadvertent night-time carrier landings (the mission went on longer than planned, apparently it was supposed to be at sunset. Hilarity ensues. Probably the most interesting thing for me was the breakage that happened during the first live stream. The CAP flight (Victory) lead F-14's INS failed, breaking from the shock of the cat stroke, which prevented Victory-1 from using his AIM-54s in TWS. I believe he used one in close range against a bomber. Dash 2 became the shooter at long range. Then, the strike flight (Diamond) lead's auto wing sweep failed some time before he began his approach to the carrier, so he had to switch to manual. He seems to lose SA of his altitude or maybe gets spatial-D and puts it in the water. The other three make it back, with Victory-1 taking three attempts to get the plane down, while Victory-2 gets it on the first attempt. It will definitely be interesting to test out, whenever the heck it gets released, especially knowing you may have to fight with some systems broken, or having to try to reset them. I wonder if any other aircraft in DCS have that fidelity of modelling? Either way, it was an interesting first look at a full mission in the HB Turkey.
  2. IIRC the SFP-1 series has the A-6 cockpit and maybe something for the F-104. I can't remember specifics, but if you need those LODs for an SF2 mod, you might want to at least hang onto the discs.
  3. Picked up a copy. Fun airplane to fly; really cool to see a freeware community mod making its way onto DCS!
  4. The setting should be "Fire Primary Gun" or something to that effect. I think by default it is Enter; you need to map it to your stick if you want the trigger to fire the gun. Of note, some aircraft don't have guns (e.g., F-4J, unless the pod is attached) so you won't be able to fire one!
  5. New Rig

    Happy anniversary to you and your wife!
  6. Yeah, it runs the game perfectly fine with everything maxed out save for the load times and sometimes first bandit appearance. Once the fight's on, even with heavy numbers of aircraft I don't notice any hiccups. I just didn't want to eat up my SSD space too much so I put it on the main HDD. Cool to see you went with a Threadripper. I had considered it when building this machine, but at that time the 7700K was still chewing up games at a much lower price. Not as future proof, to be certain!
  7. 7700K (Boost to 4.5GHz), 32GB DDR4, 1080Ti, 500GB SSD, 8TB spindle. The spindle drive is probably the biggest bottleneck.
  8. Got mine a few weeks ago; now just hoping they release it on the 21st or thereabouts!
  9. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Only the APG-71 had synthetic aperture radar for air-to-ground; the AWG-9 equipped Tomcat had basic software, CCIP and rudimentary air-to-ground support, which is represented. However, even with the APG-71, the game's avionics file that allows for the air-to-air modes used by the F-14 (AvionicsF14A.dll) does not allow for air-to-ground modes to be used. Avionics70 does, but does not allow for true track-while-scan/multi-target engagement, so we used AvionicsF14A. The problem is not the mod, it's how the game handles avionics. If it ever gets updated (which I strongly doubt it will), and it allowed both the air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of the APG-71, you can bet we'd update the mod to add it. As it stands, it cannot.
  10. Well, I bought the Hornet. Pretty easy to jump into just to fly, I'll say that! Doing the slow-speed Blue Angles pass (~50 units AOA, ~70 knots IAS) was pretty awesome. On the other hand, to actually fight in it, holy geez I need to do a lot of control mapping! Fortunately, Sidewinder/GUN/Shoot are easy enough!
  11. I've started playing DCS with some of the FC3 aircraft to start re-familiarizing myself with the simulator. Something tells me I'm probably going to be playing nothing but DCS for a while after this module gets released.
  12. NATO reporting name is either Frazor or Frazer. They apparently decided against mass production, so I'm not sure how relevant its name will be, but then who knows what the future holds.
  13. Bullshit, you can be mine! (HARRRR) I just reinstalled my stand-alone copy of DCS (only 8 installs left!) to support the Tomcat due to the Steam incompatibility issue and ran a bunch of updates. Kind of miffed that the two versions are incompatible - on Steam I have the F-5 and Flaming Cliffs, while on Stand Alone I have the A-10 and will have (God willing) the Tomcat. I also noticed in the recommended settings on Heatblur for the F-14 module 32GB of RAM for "heavy missions" (which I'm guessing include RSR-style fleet defense missions like the one they showed in their reveal video) - I finally have an excuse for having as much in my machine! Will also see how the 1080Ti deals with it in 4K. Now if I could only get an Oculus that doesn't require me to wear my glasses...I wonder if my mask inserts would fit?
  14. (Skip to 18:20 to get to the real meat and potatoes) Heatblur just opened up the F-14 for pre-order. The aircraft is supposed to release for early access Winter 2018. Based on all previous modules following the Mirage 2000, the pre-order version will probably NOT be compatible with the Steam version of DCS, so bear that in mind. It would be interesting to see if the early access release comes out 21 December, since that would be the 48th anniversary of the first flight of the Tomcat.

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