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  1. I don't follow. The radar is shown on the HSD. It wasn't repackaged by me. I'm just the uploader. Basically, Spectre had other projects going on, so when we got pinged by Dave about cockpit modifications and some other stuff, I wound up taking over that role. The entire team involved with the Superpack is listed in the credits section, and it wasn't just to credit past work; Crusader, SupGen, ToS and the others were directly involved in the V1.3X update. EDIT: I also didn't respond to OP's question. I'd probably come across as biased as part of the team that did the SP, but what I'll say is that the TW cockpit feels very two-dimensional, and the plane also has this weird tendency to lose "g" authority at higher subsonic numbers which the plane in reality didn't suffer from. The TW flight model was the basis for the SP F-14, but we made some tweaks to try to increase available "g" in that region. The biggest differences come from the later F-14s in the SP which allow you to do strike missions and have compatibility with LANTIRN, JDAMs and the like. All these things having been said, the best F-14 out there in my opinion is Heatblur's for DCS - I haven't touched my StrikeFighters sims since that got released.
  2. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    Glad you're enjoying the pack. As to a different cockpit, you could probably drop a different one in, but I have no idea about how to port a cockpit to work in ThirdWire games from a different format/game.
  3. The AI is cheating

    Oh, it does. Get into an F-16C and fight an AI F-5E on Excellent or whatever. Bring the fight vertical, then swap between the aircraft as you go through the energy egg and you'll see just how much more energy the F-5 has as it goes high to low under twice the "g" load as your F-16. I noticed when I was doing this last night that the F-5E was at the low 100s KIAS at the top of the egg, then as it came down, it would be loaded up (as high as 6g at the bottom of the egg) and accelerating to the high 300s of KIAS. I, on the other hand, would be at the low 100s at the top of the egg, and as I came down slightly loaded up (only reaching about 2.5g until the base of the egg where I'd hit up to 3.8g), I would only make it to the mid-200s KIAS before coming back up. I'm sure some of it is my own hamfistedness, but an F-5 should NOT be able to out-accelerate an F-16C Block 50 on the way down such that it has more than a 100 KIAS advantage against the Viper. Flying against it in my most familiar mount, the F-14B, I can reliably and repeatedly defeat the F-5, but it does things it shouldn't be able to do against an F-14B, one of those being to out-climb the B-Tomcat. It basically does the same "Bathtub" tactic the F-15C does in spite of a far inferior T/W to the F-15 and F-14. Other ridiculous AI include the MiG-15 and F-86. The AI can maintain pitch and roll control down to 40KIAS. My group does PvP guns-only and you'd best believe that player flight models are far, far more realistic. Try to pull the same thing the AI does with a player jet and you're going to die. The thing that gets to me is just how random it seems. Some aircraft seem at least plausible in their AI form, while others are just UFOs. Just depends on the jet.
  4. Just a couple "family photos" of the Teen-Series fighters in DCS we took online. Nifty size comparison:
  5. Downloaded my copy today! I agree with SE that having a high-fi F-15C would be great. With plans for an F-15E and an F-4(E?) still out there, I wonder how they're going to handle the multiple crew thing. I think Heatblur did a fantastic job with the Jester interface if you're soloing it; wonder if they'll license the code? I do prefer to fly with a human RIO/WSO, but Jester is a good, functional stand-in.
  6. TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32

    The F-14A+ is the F-14B. They are literally the same jet. The designation "F-14A+" [or "F-14A(PLUS)"] was changed to F-14B in 1991 to avoid confusion. Avionics70.dll is available in all versions of SF2. AvionicsF14A.dll is only available in North Atlantic. The Avionics70.dll is only used in a strike version of the F-14D we kept in there as legacy content, and it doesn't have the same air-to-air capabilities as the rest of the pack, which uses AvionicsF14A.dll. So, I believe the Avionics70 file should already be in your game if you installed North Atlantic.
  7. That's the missile coming off the plane "stupid." It happens in reality, although much less often than it did during, say, the Vietnam War. Still, SF2 does simulate the missile failing off the rail (I believe the .ini line is "LaunchReliability"), it's a random chance thing, not necessarily anything you've done wrong.
  8. I'm primarily flying the Tomcat (WOW! WHO'D HAVE GUESSED!?), but I have the F/A-18, Mirage 2000C, F-5E, AJS37, AV-8B, A-10C, the Flaming Cliffs 3 set, the F-86 and MiG-15 and have pre-ordered the Viper. Variety is the spice of life! I fly usually 3 times a week or so with a small group I met through one of the Facebook DCS groups. Primarily fly PvE, but we'll do some guns-only PvP, too. I've got Nevada, Persian Gulf, and Normandy maps atop the default.
  9. Top Gun 2 Maverick Trailer (Official)

    Thought of that myself...maybe they meant in a single engagement? Either way, it kind of looks to be in the same vein as the original, so I have a very fragile hope that it won't totally suck. I might actually see it in theaters.
  10. The last time the cockpit 3D file was updated was about 3 years ago by its original creator, "ToS." Haven't seen him on in a while (really since the end of 2015), and I don't know if he still has the max file or not.
  11. 2019 Drive

    Fired off a donation.
  12. DCS Weekend News: 24 May 2019

    I'll definitely be picking this one up, too. The Viper is probably my favorite behind the Turkey. I will say I'm surprised to see the price tag. I don't think the Bug was that expensive on its release, and they had to do more research on that airplane as I understand it. The Tomcat package is as expensive, but it comes with (when finished) two variants of the F-14, an AI A-6 and a Carrier. Pre-ordering, however, I can justify.
  13. The problem with discussing this graph relative to real-world aircraft performance doghouses is that the real-world charts for most of those planes shown are protected by distribution and export restrictions, so you really can't do it in an open forum without potentially falling afoul either the distro limitations or certain laws like ITAR. As to the in-game performance, there's a series of videos by The Grim Reapers which runs a bunch of the modeled aircraft against each other in terms of general performance. The F-14B has a just barely better sustained turn than the F-15C (equal payloads) on the deck, but you have to be slower in the F-14 to achieve it (20 deg/sec @ 300-330KTAS vs 19 deg/sec @ 350-450KTAS). Generally the F-15C out accelerates the F-14B in DCS against a Vmax of 650KTAS by about 4 seconds both on the deck and at 15,000 feet, while the F-14B has a better max speed on the deck, but lower max speed at altitude. The F-14B out-climbs the F-15C from 0 knots start, while the F-15C out-climbs the F-14B from 600 knots start. The two are generally comparable. What I've found is that the F-14B takes a lot more practice and understanding of its nuances, and I'm still learning a lot (have been away for a bit, and will be again shortly). A LOT of rudder work comes into play. The F-15C has the FBW and ARI and you can horse around with the stick all you want to point the nose where you want it to go without ever touching the rudder pedals, not so in the Tomcat. I've been watching some of the more competitive folks on YouTube and they've been successfully winning guns-only PvP fights against other players in Hornets, Flankers, and the like, but it definitely takes them practice and time.
  14. Have a safe and blessed holiday!

    Happy Easter, all!

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