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Mig-17F Cockpit

A Cockpit mod of the Thirdwire Scooter's cockpit, to create the North Vietnam-modified Mig-17F cockpit for use in the standard Thirdwire Mig-17F.


The Mig-17F was the standard version used in Vietnam and Middle East combat.


Referenced from multiple color photos, cockpit layout diagrams.


Instruments and placards moved, eliminated, repainted and painted from scratch.


Individual instruments in Russian as they were historically.


Yes, it correctly has the artificial horizon correctly Soviet-color-reversed, upside down-working (I even flew an ex-Soviet fighter that had this).


Changes to the Mig-17F cockpit compared to the




1. The Russians added the rearview mirror as standard. Apparently on the previous Mig-15, it created too many technical problems to include.




2. -The temperature gauge was changed according to some photos to add a big colorful half red circle and they eliminated the colorful rainbow gauge casing around it.


3. -They added a large red canopy handle according to some photos (very colorful and distinctive!).


4. The instrument panel rivets started having long screw driver holes in them according to some photos!


5. A big, silver instrument casing was added to the clock below the artificial horizon...probably a reward for graduating from the Mig-15 :).


6. Two toggle switches and two extra buttons were added to the cockpit coaming.


7. Finally, the American-style six diamond gunsight reticle replaced the old British-style round circle.




Complete credits and history in readme.




1-Backup your files!


2- Unzip the Mig-17F cockpit (North Vietnam


modified) to ...\SFP1\Objects\Aircraft\Mig-17F\


3-When prompted, overwrite the files.


More detailed instructions are included within.


Just ask at the combatace forum if you have







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