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  1. Sweet, the one with the saber almost looks like FSX.
  2. I don't have the HUD seen in the screenshot, i just have the regular one, does anyone know where i could find it?
  3. How did YOU end up here at combatace?

    I think i can "blame" youtube, becouse a WOE video i found mentioned column5.us, from there i think i wound up on CA.
  4. Zombies ahead

    Shotgun time!
  5. Not only that, but a lot of other modern aircraft function without problems (the SU-27 for instance). Yes, there are some limitations to how precicely you can model the aircrafts avionics, but it works.
  6. Just saw Dante at Hardsoft in TV

    Great to see it's getting close to relese!
  7. starfighter2, do you know by any chance if there were any plans to expand the facility to house newer aircraft (i mean we couldn't use 21 forever)?

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