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Su-27 Flanker Avionics v15

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Su-27 Flanker Avionics v15

Flanker Avionics v1.5


This is a avionics update for Marcfighters Su-27 and Su-27SK (J-11)

Fully working with Wings Over Israel ONLY ! - until the other games of the series are patched to the same code level !

Requires the aformentioned planes already installed, which are available at http://marcfighters.combatace.com/


Installation of the update :

1. You might want to make a BACKUP of your whole Su-27 Flanker folders first, or of ini's which you modded yourself !

2. Copy/Move the contents ( ini's and cockpit folder) of the Su-27 avionics v15 and/or Su-27SK avionics v15 folders into the respective plane folders

( Su-27 and/or Su-27SK )

Let overwrite files if prompted to do so.


Thats all.


For a quick guide to what is new in Air to Air mode, refer to the included "Flanker Avionics v15 NAV and A2A info.pdf" file


Additional IR guided (R-73 and R-27T/TE A2A missile info:

The HUD has no IR seeker symbol, make sure that your IR missiles have "Seeker slave" checked ( weapondata ini), so that the radar can point the

missile seeker to the desired target.

Without radar , the IR seeker will lock on to the first target which comes into the seekers Field Of View.


The Air to Ground mode displays are not mentioned in the PDF , but its basically a CCIP pipper, left side has a fixed scale and marker,

with a radar altitude in KM on the top.

The standard altitude readout ( to the right of the heading scale) shows altitude Above Ground Level, it is a radar altimeter in A2Gmode.



Several readouts and symbols are just for looks and dont have a usefull function!



Usage in other mods:

This mod or parts of it can be used in other Third Wire games related mods without contacting me first, just give credit!


For questions/comments ect, contact "Crusader" at CombatAce.com forums.


Crusader (aka MoonJumper)

email : superheat204@yahoo.com




- I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong , use at your own risk!

- this mod is FREEWARE and can not be used in any payware product!


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