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  1. Who's going to be the new President?

    yeah maybe maybe. Juste look at trumps meetings...
  2. Who's going to be the new President?

    And they fail to to predict that some day the wasps will no longer rules the USA. If in the following years the GOP do not change his behaviour to what is still the minorities today, in some twenty to thirty years you will not see a republican president anymore.
  3. Who has Star Wars Tickets?

    sorry to play the killjoy ....... but very disapointed since i wait developement in the story and not just another "iniatic journey/ join a (the) resistance/ attack and destroy a "planet killer" i wanted a "star wars VII" and not a kind of copy of the episod IV
  4. Jonah Lomu - Respect

    Fucking week....
  5. Paris attacks - 127 reported dead

    Ben nan rien a voir. Dans le cas des années 50/60 une insurrection armée d'une autre ampleur et en plus un conflit d'une tout autre nature. C'est pas ce qui se passe aujourd'hui.
  6. Paris attacks - 127 reported dead

    The current situation have nothing to do with the situation back then..... Rien à voir bordel!!!
  7. Even if you win lottery, i really doubt TK accept to work for you (or any one else). He's too strange in his way of thinking. But whatever results of this discussion, the time has come (and for some months (years?)) to do like the teams of falcon, cod and so on. Of course it's not abandware, but it's obvious he'll make no further progress on the pc games. What will he do? do you really think there will be legal issues if there is no money maked of? there is some changes and MUE is probably only the first one of them.
  8. Boston bomber found guilty

    Oh what a surprise!!!! Of course he is guilty
  9. That's why i rarely fly beyond 1984 (just the year fa 18, mirage 2000 and mig 29 get into service but without ahm missiles)
  10. You probably got a point in this. Sometimes in the past it seems that he wasn't even sure of what was in his own code. Strange...
  11. Germany to the front? OOOps!

    two words cutting costs
  12. US launches airstrikes inside Syria

    Bachar, and putin probably smile today. note: i do not question in any way the strike against Isis
  13. "Ours","yours"? But to what point?

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