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KillMarks for the Evil Ones! v1.0

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KillMarks for the Evil Ones! v1.0

Did you ever wanted to show to the world, that Israelis can get shot down too?? Wannabe like those 100+ kills german Aces in the good old WW2 times?? :biggrin:


Here is all you need!! :clapping:


v1.0 covers MiG-17,Mig-19/Shenyang J-6,MiG-21,MiG-23,MiG-25!


Quote from ReadMe:


I proudly present my first mod for the Wings series on CombatAces!


KillMarks for the Evil Ones!








I just CAT extracted and resized a WoI stock Israeli insignia and done some tga`s...



Ive tested it on the above planes, should work on all subversions of the single planes...hopefully! ;-)

The kill marks will appear on each plane left right under the canopy...only exception r MiG-17/19s,

so pls be aware it may cover other decals used by your skin! Remove other decal, Repos it or the killmarks, Resize whatever you fancy!


MiG-15/Mig-29/La-15/Hunters/F-14(IrAF)/Mirage5D/Yak-25/Yak-28/Yak-41/Sukhoi-planes, maybe more will follow in future versions!


Also im planing some alternative tgas for all those brave Soviet/VNAF/NKAF out there, and/or some specific conflicts/campaigns killmark...like Lebanon Israel vs Syria, Iran vs Iraq or so...


Legal Stuff:

Its FreeWare, not for use in Payware! :-)

Original images are from 3rdWire (hope its ok?!?)

I dont take responsebility or give warranty for damaged PCs...

Your welcome to use this mod for your own projects, if ill appear in your credits! :-)


THX to 3rdWire, TK, Pasko, USAHMTL, ordway and all the other big names for all this cool&amazing stuff and just being awesome!


Especially thx to Johann217 for his WOI campaigns Expansion v0.1 mod and xevilpetex for his Kill Decals mod which inspired me both to do this mod!



So, what u waiting for? Go and kill some nonebelievers!





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