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  1. F-4J VMFA-232

  2. Hmm i didnt know its implemented in SF2NA, will give it a try later this evening...i tried to make a new entry in nations.ini as merc2 nation, but to no avail!
  3. Ah well, didnt thought about that....i guess i need to make another merc-nation then, because my plan was to be able to fly as merc for both sides! Thx Hans!
  4. As im editing Piecemeals updated stock campaigns for the Desert3 terrain, ive ran into some problems/questions... Ive changed the burning sands campaign to start in 1953, everything good so far...then i wanted to make a copy of this campaign where the Mercs fly for Paran, pretty easy one might think...just change airplane, forceid and base entries, but when i tested it, i end up on another airfield and more severe my unit isnt seen as a merc unit at all anymore, no funds are shown, you dont earn anything, exactly like you fly for a Nation?!? Here copies of the *ini entries for my merc unit: [MercUnit001] UnitName=1st Special Ops Wing ForceID=2 UnitID=8 StartDate=01/01/1953 DescFile=MercDesc.txt StartText=Campaign1StartMerc.txt AircraftType=Mig-15bis [AirUnit008] AircraftType=Mig-15bis UnitName=1st Special Operations Wing ForceID=2 Nation=MERC MercenaryUnit=TRUE PlayerOnly=TRUE StartingFunds=25000 DefaultTexture=Parani1 BaseArea=P4 Airfield RandomChance=100 MissionRate=1.0 MaxAircraft=16 StartAircraft=8 MaxPilots=16 StartPilots=16 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=60 MissionChance[sWEEP]=90 MissionChance[CAP]=90 MissionChance[iNTERCEPT]=90 MissionChance[ESCORT]=90 MissionChance=90 MissionChance[CAS]=90 MissionChance[sEAD]=90 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=90 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=90 MissionChance[RECON]=90 UpgradeType=ANY Im really at a loss here, and i begin to believe you cannot fly as a merc for any enemy force at all??? Maybe its a problem with the desert3 terrain? 2 weeks ago i did the same thing with stock desert terrain and there it worked?! Regards, Horus
  5. I maybe will give it a try to make me some simple templates myself for the Fishpots...thing is, im good at using templates, not making them, i would be fully satisfied if i could just separate the rivets/panellines from the rest of a skin...or i may harass a friend to explain it to me finally :P OK back to editing some badgers Camo skins for Paran usage and put em in a campaign :)
  6. Im a big fan of your work, and this IS one of the coolest so far! Btw some weeks ago i discovered theres a "new" SF release which i missed totally, i remembered i had lots of Fun with SF in the past, so i bought all the SF2 titles...nothing special so far but the first skin i downloaded here was from you (Jordanian Hunter) and i was REALLY surprised to read my name in the credits, i totally forgot i made this killmarksmods back then and uploaded it here! xD
  7. Tupolev Tu-16 Badger Collection

    Wow, just wow! ATM, im working on improving the basic SF2 campaign for the Desert3 terrain, esp im looking for desert camo skins instead of the stock silver migs, but Tu-16 WAS the only problem :P! Did you ever thought of doing some Su-9/11 desert camos? XD
  8. Yuupiiiii! Quarter Finals here we go!

    Yeah you right, Tuesday is day of truth for Italy/France, my fault... anyway, im going to watch Turks vs Czech now
  9. Hmm i have the same problem downloading the normal NorwayTerrain...and im not using any download managers, just pure firefox?! Just to let u know... EDIT: im having probs d/l-ing the standard norwayterrain not the snowy one, sry about that Regards, Horus
  10. Yuupiiiii! Quarter Finals here we go!

    Well, cant await 2morrow....i hope germany vs austria 3:0!! Those austrians now think its easy to beat us, after having that incredible lucky foul vs poland!! Well, the polish goal wasnt a goal, but they deserved it, cause i like the team... The game poland vs croatia will be very interesting too, cause i like the croats same as the polish team... Funny thing is, Italy is totally declassified!!! Today we will see how Italy plays vs France, i hope france will take bloody revenge for World championship!! So long, Horus
  11. Wow very nice plane, never heard of it before!!! I would also appreciate some other of those planes on the frontpage of the book posted by LexxLuthor!! btw, there are still some very nice and cool soviet planes to do hehe...like the Su-24 or Su-24TM/Su-39 prototype Keep on the good work, Horus
  12. Like the title says, i have some questions/problems... Im new to SF modding but ive learned much the last days, but i havent found everything in the knowledge base...btw that part of the forum is just awesome, great work all of you!! 1. I redone my WoI installation (lost the overlook, too much wild unplanned modding) and dont have migtrack/lock and rwrl sounds anymore.....files are were there supposed to be, and even tried to change the filename in the planedata.ini file(section [Radar] or [Detection])no result... dunno exact atm im visiting a friend right now, will add specifc details in 2-3 hours when im at home 2. Im using bunyaps wep pack and my MiG-21MF cant load SAHM missiles anymore....im a native WW2 pilot, maybe its historical correkt that way, but i used the Mirage Factory wep pack before and Mig21MF could load Atoll SAHM (B or C?!?) missiles there, and i absolutely dont know why?!? In the MiG-21MFdata.ini nothing changed, the inner pylons should be able to carry SAHM, maybe its dependant on the type of Radar? I compared it with the first available mig23, and same AttachmentWeaponType=(correkt?!?!...again, details later) column! I even made all the SAHM missiles available for export if they werent... I really miss that, was my only real chance to fight those damn Phantoms on a relatively save distance... 3. Cant remember right now! Thanks in forward and best regards, Horus
  13. Your first combat flight sim...

    The Aces series from dynamix were my first sims and an Apache heli sim(on 1-2 1.44mb disks iirc), later i got strike commander and the first comanche sim to run on my damn 486...played EAW later on some friends pcs...cause at that time 486 were already DEAD but still had some Aces sessions at that time... After my army duty+6 extra month duty i was able to buy my first "real" pc...read a article about the very first IL-2 game in a mag at that time, but for some reason ive started playing it 2 years later...iirc MechWarrior4 online was the reason hehe Cause IL-2 sucks in single player mode ive joined a JG, flew ther for 2-4 years then got sick off UBI/IL-2 community/ Maddox fanboys/UFO-La`s....man i still get angry when i hear statements like .50 cl/P-51 won the war... But had a real good time....still remember a coop mission i flew with my comrades, 4 emils each a single sc250....approached the target after 30-45mins dropped our load, and arrived at home base without a single enemy encounter...but we held formation more or less the whole time, covered each others etc... Its my very best online exp imo I remember that ive borrowed SFP1 from a friend some years ago...dunno why, but i wasnt convinced...maybe that it wasnt WW2 related 2 weeks ago i discoverd WoI...and i guess ill stay here for some time!
  14. Thanks again for the PM mate! Well, i have to play around in the inis, shoulndt be any problem at least for the mig21...do you have similar info about other migs? Only problem is, i dont have much time now hehe...could do it on the weekend, but i will FINALLY purchase my new MTB saturday!
  15. Actually i really dont know if WarPac pilots marked their kills at all... I would like to see that colour plate, but dont have any publications about modern warfare!

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