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MiG-21MF/bis WOI-Style Silver Skin

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File Name: MiG-21MF/bis WOI-Style Silver Skin

File Submitter: gerwin

File Submitted: 1 May 2008

File Updated: 4 May 2008

File Category: Mig-21


MiG-21MF/bis WOI-Style Silver Skin (for Third Wire model)


Posted by Gerwin 1-5-2008



Added orange lines around the canopy.



With Wings over Isreal the 'MiG-17/19/21 + Su-7 + Il-28'

series of enemy aircraft have received higher resolution

skins with some subtile weathering effects. All aircraft have

either one or more desert camo skins and one silver skin...

Except the MiG-21MF and bis which have no silver skin available.


Using parts of the sand camo MF skins and parts of other

MiG-21 variants I compiled a silver skin for the MiG-21MF.

It can also be used (as TW does) for the MiG-21 bis.


The decals and numbers configuration files included are

a copy of the default soviet configuration.



You can copy the WOI silver skins of the 'MiG-17/19/21 +

Su-7 + Il-28' to each matching WOE aircraft. This will give

you sharp and consistent skins for all adversary fighters.



Copy the included folder with contents to the folder that contains

the MiG-21MF files, for example:


When in the game select the skin in the loadout screen.



Third Wire for the Strike Fighters Based Games,

including the MiG-21MF model and skins.


Click here to download this file

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