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  1. My take is that Third Wire wants to keep selling their earlier investments. Even when it is not selling much, it is better then having to remove it from the catalog entirely. To keep it in the catalog the Windows 10 update is required. When Third Wire is lacking funds and time, I recon they should NOT start a dialogue with the small SF user base. What else would it do then take more time, without bringing in any money. I don't see a way that benefits both developer and users.
  2. Good points streakeagle. Now I know how to word it better; Customers unable to venture out of the Gog/Steam realm are unlikely to put effort into learning to control + play Strike Fighters 2. They are even more unlikely to appreciate its modding possibilities. Though I may never really understand it, because I am not like that at all. On a side note. I remember ordering the 'Battle over Europe' addon for IL-2 Forgotten Battles, years ago. In the DVD case was a brochure. Besides the MS Flight Sim addons advertised, there were pages showcasing Strike Fighters Project 1 + Wings over Vietnam. Of course I took note immediately. Combat flight sims were already a rare thing. Maybe I should try to find that brochure again, and scan these SF pages. Edit; Pretty sure I threw it away. IIRC it was a https://www.justflight.com brochure. They did sell Strike Fighters for a while, as shown here: Web Archive 2003
  3. (It would be helpfull if you quoted what you refer to here, but I suppose you are replying to me) It would make no sense because many of the changes from SF1 to SF2 are in the area of updates for newer Windows OS. Like the mod and settings folder location, unicode strings and much more. These changes are based on Microsoft recommendations for Windows Vista and 7 software. Third Wire is not going to apply these changes to SF1 again, since they have already done that and it is called SF2.
  4. The usual return question is: Which games exactly? I have quite a stash of old hardware. 486, Pentium 1 / K6, Pentium II/III and even some AMD Athlon / Pentium IV. But just because I find it interesting at times. Windows XP can run very well on intel 6-series motherboards (Z68 etc) with Sandy- or Ivy Bridge processors, this is 2011/2012 hardware, which also works well with SATA SSD drives. But some games just don't cooperate with multi-core CPUs and later Graphics cards / drivers. One would expect that when GoG or Steam sells these game that they 'made' it work with modernish OS/Hardware. Though sometimes this means they reverted to software renderer or lesser DOS-versions with DosBox.
  5. Inclement default base is 2500.0, hex code "00 00 00 00 00 88 A3 40" . It is at offset 0x8B570 in SF2 May 2012 version. It is the nature of hex edits that one can disable things and modify a little. Adding things, like a new variable to read, may technically be possible by appending new code at the end of the file, but I am not going to attempt such. To make it easier on the end user you can use a patch engine, that can automate the hexedit by generating an executable with a patch + restore button. I can send you one.
  6. Yeah I understood what you wrote earlier. It is very helpful. I gave it a second try and may have found the hardcoded value involved. Singlemission.dll double float value 3000.0. In hexadecimal code this is "00 00 00 00 00 70 A7 40". It is at offset 0x8B560 in SF2 May 2012 version. I just changed it to 10000.0, hex code "00 00 00 00 00 88 C3 40". And the overcast cloud layer was at 10km in a random single mission. But I only tested it once. XVI32 is simple tool to do this hexedit, make sure to only 'overwrite', the dll file size must stay exactly the same.
  7. I just messed with it a little. Seems the overcast cloudlayer altitude is random from about 3 km to a maximum of 5,5 km. Changed some values in the ini and even changed some defaults that I found in the EnvironmentSystem.dll file, with hex edits. But the cloudlayer altitude did not budge. The randomness makes it rather annoying to test it.
  8. Lets turn it around in the extreme: Whatever TK invests or does is of little consequence here. The survey flight sim customers, that were a thing in the 90's, are gone or out of reach. This fundraiser being a measuring tool to make that conclusion, and the measurement is pretty clear on this. Edit; It should not discourage anyone to at least do a $1 vote, to state one personally cares for those extremely moddable survey flight sims by Third Wire. Despite what the rest of the world is currenly doing.
  9. If this fundraiser ends with like 75 people contributing, then I don't think any additions to the game are justified. It is almost like Third Wire improving a game just for their own use. I cant compare it with other game fundraisers or kickstarters, since normally I don't care for them, but in my view this amount of contributers is very, very small. Where are all the potential customers? They can't all be into DCS? Still, there should be a real desire to at least make SF2 Windows 10 proof, otherwise all the assets and investments from the past become totally unsellable.
  10. Of course not. That would make no sense at all.
  11. The additional information on this campaign is fine with me. Just don't really like Windows 10 anyways. But whatever helps TK doing some actual PC SF stuff again. So I threw in a contribution now.
  12. Okay. Thanks for confirming that. I will just keep checking for this in the coming days... I suppose this does take the speed out of this initiative.
  13. Good news in itself, So I have read the two topics on this fund raiser, and the comments at the fundrazr.com. I understand the term 'Keep it all' campaign. But AFAIK such a campaign requires TK to state what happens when the goal is not reached? Worst case the money is then used to fund mobile rubbish instead? It is not comfortable to make a decision when I lack the info that I need...
  14. Yeah, the bits that I wrote were a sidetracked discussion with Menrva and Wrench, not so much for the original question. I am sure Menrva got the original question covered.
  15. This evening I made a little tool that can open terrain tilemaps (TFD). The intentention is to fix some strange tile placements in VietnamSEA. Only tested it briefly, all seems to work well so far, (I never had much luck with the official Thirdwire TerrainEditor myself.) TFDtool Terrain Viewer/Editor (click on the Strike Fighters page, there you can find the download)
  16. Updating the first post of this topic: finished and released, as shown in image below: HMMWV Humvee Vehicle Mod (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) M1 Abrams Tank Mod (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) BRDM-2 Recon Car Mod (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) SA-9 SAM Launcher on BRDM-2 Mod (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) Airfield 7+8 Addon pack (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) M977 HEMTT Vehicle Mod (Go to link above, then click on the Strike Fighters page) Original post below this line. ------------------------------------------------- My try at a 3D object: HEMTT / Oskosh / M977. In US service from 1982. This is one with a bigger bed, no crane. The shape is low-poly on purpose, but the dimensions are pretty accurate. The texturing has hardly started. Will use one texture for the base+cabin+wheels, one for the bed. I did not shape it with 3dsmax, but used engineering CAD software, then imported it. It went remarkably well, just that the scale was way off. Some things I am uncertain about; Are these names in the list proper mesh names, will I be able to explode the vehicle with detaching wheels and such? And can the windows be made translucent?
  17. I had similar problems with ships. Ended up using it like this, then all is fine:
  18. Coincidentally I did a small test with _HM bitmaps two days ago. - Added a _HM to the normal inland tiles, instead of just the coastal tiles, mainly by changing the _Data.ini. - Raised each tile's HeightMapScale from 40 to 240, to exaggerate the effect. It works as expected, see test image below. A coast like the cliffs of Dover while inland it is like Verdun 1918. So again, for coastal tiles this stuff is useful. But for inland tiles I have no good answer yet. Maybe some tiles can benefit from a _HM bitmap, like tiles with rocks and snow. But in general they don't seem to add to the viewing pleasure there: Either you don't notice their effect, and when you scale them up it quickly becomes too much.
  19. Good catch. I will fix it this evening. The direct link to the zip will probably change, since I suspect that part of the server reached its file quota.
  20. I recently checked some of the YAP stuff, the ships by Hinchinbrooke and the aircraft by Bobrock are rather nice: good shapes, details and textures. These objects need some work, for SF2 use and such, but still, what I said. I could mention plenty bad things of course, but I don't see much use in that now. It is not like anything is gonna get fixed or updated, except by myself and people here. As for _HM bitmaps. I had some adventures with these when (re)making the IcelandNA map. For the coast of Iceland they definitely have their use. IIRC I did things a bit differently compared to stock terrains, because I found grey is level zero, and not black. A normal HFD heightmap does not have the resolution to define the coastline nicely. But it depends on wheter or not the coastline should be more beach- or cliff-like. For flat beaches _HM bitmaps are not doing much.
  21. There is not such a clear difference in SF1 vs SF2. Strike Fighters games, addons and updates were released in the timeframe 2002 to 2013. The features came gradually over that time. The SF1 to SF2 redefinition was a big step, where the developer implemented all the Windows Vista/7 game design recommendations that came out from Microsoft at the time. First SF2 'rehash' was out in 2009, It was not available as an update. One big difference was that the SF2 games were easily mergeable into one install, sharing all the assets like planes and ground-objects mostly without issues.*** There was also the SF1 Wings over Isreal addon, released in 2010, for which many SF2 features were backported into the last official SF1 release. It was a bit like a SF1.5 game. It seems that there was little development time spent on the terrain engine throughout all these years. Only in 2012 a new non-tile terrain setup was added, but it was left in a premature state. The Tile-based terrains of SF1 and SF2 are technically pretty much the same. Just minor differences. ( *** SF2 currently handles different planes, ground-objects, terrains etc. in an almost perfect way. They can be added as desired and they are distributed according to UserLists with Dates and Nationalities. If done right, there is no need to remove or deactivate objects, since objects only appear when it is appropriate. )
  22. Not really. AI flight has no way of dealing with that. We talked about this, a few pages back.
  23. Third Wire did supply a few Photoshop files with panel-line layers a long time ago, 2005?, for a select few aircraft. But since then no such luck. So some people made new panel lines, some of those are in the combatace download section. What I generally do is use every photoshop trick I know to re-use the stock panel lines. But it is not always possible, since idealy I have one camo skin and one plain color skin as a base, and it gets tideous regardless.
  24. For such situation, Maybe a cockpit expert can program some mini games like Pong or Tetris into the MFD? ;)

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