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Repaint of the UH-1B

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Since I have gotten the basics of repainting down I thought I'd do something for my HAL-5 squadron mates. HALs 4 and 5 were the last dedicated Huey Gunship squadrons in the US Navy being dis-established in 1988. We flew the HH-1K and our primary missions were and still are with HSC-84, SEAL Team support and Combat Search and Rescue. We trace our roots to the Seadragons and Seawolves of the Viet Nam war and continue the work they started. That said, we were a small part of Naval Air and simply put, overlooked by anyone with a camera and a pen.


I decided that since FS9 had no HH-1K one day I'd rectify the wrong done us. :spiteful:


Allow me to unveil the Hi and Lo-vis paints for Lynn Rodgers' UH-1B Huey,HH-1K NW305 of HAL-5,





The second shot has the original Huey in the background.


The base package and the repaints are here at the moment, depending on the response I'll post the repaints elsewhere, maybe even here :biggrin:

Please note that these are not true K model Hueys but close enough for gov't work.



Next up is an UH-1B/C of HA(L)-3 the Seawolves.

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