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INSTANT ACTION: Need some bogeys

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I want to start INSTANT ACTION with enemy on the radar as soon as we hit FLY.


A load of Air-to-Air missles, ready to fire.


Ideally, this would be a timed scenario: 3 minutes or so to put down as many as possible.


Am I talking crazy or is this possible?


I know I used to hit INSTANT ACTION and I'd see enemy on the Radar, but for some reason a change in campaigns has lost the enemy.


Anyone out there familar enough?




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Just ran it on ACE level and you do start with threats on the RWR it seems


You do start with everything armed and an infinate supply of AIM-120Bs and AIM-9Ls and fuel - even on full ace level.


As for timing it for 3 minutes - well er play it on ACE level.


Otherwise the only options are in game it seems - only the developers can probably change AF to what you need it to do.



As for whats wrong with your game - ive no idea - you could always just reinstall it and patch it up to 1.0.13 again

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