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Real Chief Petty Officers

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REAL CHIEFS: Don't have any civilian clothes.


REAL CHIEFS: Have CPO Association Cards from their last 5 commands.


REAL CHIEFS: Don't remember when they weren't Chief's.


REAL CHIEFS: Favorite National Holiday is CPO Initiation.


REAL CHIEFS: Keep 4 sets of dress khaki in hope they come back.


REAL CHIEFS: Favorite food is shipboard SOS for breakfast.


REAL CHIEFS: Don't know how to tell civilian time.


REAL CHIEFS: Call each other "Chief."


REAL CHIEFS: Greatest fear is signing for property book items.


REAL CHIEFS: Dream in Navy Blue, White, Haze Gray, and at times Khaki.


REAL CHIEFS: Have served on ships that are now War memorials or tourist attractions.


REAL CHIEFS: Get tears in their eyes when the "Chief" dies in the movie "Operation Pacific."


REAL CHIEFS: Can find their way to the CPO Club blindfolded, on 15 different Navy Bases.


REAL CHIEFS: Have pictures of ships in their wallets.


REAL CHIEFS: Don't own any pens that do not have "Property U.S. Govt." on them.


REAL CHIEFS: Don't voluntarily get the mandatory flu shots.


REAL CHIEFS: Don't order supplies, they swap for them.


REAL CHIEFS: Think excessive modesty is their only fault.


REAL CHIEFS: Last ship was always better.


REAL CHIEFS: Know that the black tar in their coffee cup makes the coffee taste better.


REAL CHIEFS: Idea of Heaven----Three good PO1's and a Division Officer who does what he's told.

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Hey! There's salt all over the floor!??!!

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