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By editing the "MaxVisibleDistance" parameter in each aircraft's data.ini file (which you'll find under the "detect system" header), you will give AI aircraft what amounts to GCI or AWACS coverage, and all but force BVR engagements. . I generally add 10000 to the existing value. For example, if the default value is currently "8400.0", make it "18400.0".






MaxVisibleDistance=8400.0 <---edit this to 18400.0




For bombers or similar large aircraft, a value of 40000.0 or even greater is not out of the question.


In the case of low-observable (stealth) aircraft, I suggest cutting the distance by half or even by 75% (IE., 8400.0 to 4200.0 or even 2100.0), just to keep things somewhat realistic.

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