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  1. Wow...I want one!

    1400 HP in an open center-console style boat. What's not to like?
  2. Quaint, but still relevant...

    I stumbled onto this old jewel while surfing through Youtube's collection of shooting and firearm-related videos:
  3. Anyone care to guess

    To figure that out, one must know the height of the radar, how its mounted (savvy installers place a wedge under the mounting flange to compensate for a boat's running angle), and the vertical beam width (large span open array radar antennas usually have a narrower beam width, than smaller, enclosed dome antennas). One boat that I used to run had a 72-mile radar mounted on it's bridge top. The antenna was about 20 feet above the waterline. On its 12-mile range setting, I used to see smaller, private aircraft departing from a local airport about 6-7 nautical miles away, and at the 36-mile range setting, military transports climbing out of joint base McGuire -Dix-Lakehurst (once they cleared the ground clutter).
  4. Anyone care to guess

    An airliner from the size of the return. Too bad it wasn't a video, as opposed to a still, then you'd appreciate how fast the return traverses the display.
  5. Anyone care to guess

    It's an aircraft.
  6. Anyone care to guess

    Skyviper, you are correct in one respect. You are looking at a heavy rain storm approaching from the vessel's port side. I happen to know that this boat is tied up at its slip in a small marina. Notice the diagonal line near the center of the display ? That's the land and docks in that marina, and in the surrounding area. The target at 8 o'clock traces back from a thin line and then gets "thicker" as it goes along. The antenna sweeps every 3-4 seconds. To make a line like that at that distance (given the sweep interval) requires a bit of headway. Hint: It's not another vessel.
  7. Anyone care to guess

    Anyone care to guess what caused the return at the 8 o'clock position on this commercial marine radar display? It's on a 12-mile range setting, so each ring represents 3 miles across. That places the target 4.5-5 nm out from the vessel carrying the radar. Now, I know what it is, from its track (relative to the antenna's sweep period), and by having encountered such targets before.
  8. Sea flanker cockpit

  9. Yak-38M_85

  10. Fleet Oiler


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