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  1. Hi bro do you share yak-38 other skins?

    1. Spinners


      I haven't got skins for the Yak-38. If you've seen any then they must be before my big data loss in 2016.

  2. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I've shot the BRN-10. It is a really nice rifle. The 20" barrel on the classic AR-pattern (mimicking either the M-16, M-16A1, or M-16A2), is a nice shooting rifle, with almost no felt recoil, and amazing accuracy. From what I've see from Chronograph results, the longer barrel also imparts an additional 100-200 fps to the base 55-grain 5.56 or .223 round, over a 16" M-4 pattern rifle.
  3. Why must you insist on carrying...

    From Quora: "Although outwardly they look similar they are different rifles. The AK has a long stroke gas system, two locking lugs on the bolt, a simple trigger, is capable of fully automatic fire, and the forearm is attached directly to the barrel. The Dragunov uses a short stroke gas system, a bolt with three locking lugs for greater strength, a semi-automatic only match grade trigger, and a forearm attachment that relieves pressure on the barrel for better accuracy.". It's chambered in the 7.62x54R (rimmed) cartridge, as is the Mosin-Nagant.
  4. Why must you insist on carrying...

    From what I've read (and seen on Youtube firearm-specific channels), The SVD was not specifically designed to be a sniper rifle (although they later referred to it as one). Rather, it was meant to be a "support rifle for designated marksmen." Read what you will into that statement. Now, using quote, "high-grade" ammunition, it was supposed to be capable of 1.04 MOA (maximum) at 100 meters. I would suspect that with proper match ammo, it would yield sub-MOA groups at that range. It's maximum effective range was reported to be 1300 meters.
  5. Why must you insist on carrying...

    7.62x39. The easy way to tell, is to look at the curvature of the magazine. The AK-47's 7.62x39 mm has the most curvature, the AK-74's (5.45x39 mm) has less. Also, but not always the case, the 47's have an angled gas block, while a straight one normally signifies an AK-74. Of course, this doesn't necessarily apply to AK derivatives such as the Galil, the Valmet, the Norinco rifles (etc.). AK-74:
  6. Why must you insist on carrying...

    My AK is nothing special. It's a Century Arms C39V2 with the full Magpul furniture set and a Primary Arms red-dot on the proprietary Century Arms side mount. Given the checkered past of this brand and model, I check it regularly for head space issues with a set of go-no-go gauges, and keep a close eye on BCG and receiver wear. So far (approximately 1500 rounds in), so good. It's proven accurate and reliable so far. Here it is with my Mini-14..
  7. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your AR. If I lived within reasonable driving distance of you, I would clear the jam and clean that firearm for you. I have both an AR-15 and an AK-47, and enjoy shooting them both.
  8. Why must you insist on carrying...

    It's also one of my favorites...though mine is chambered in 9 mm, so the ammo is about half as expensive as .45 ACP.
  9. Why must you insist on carrying...

    One never knows what one might encounter. Cthulhu, for example...
  10. Why must you insist on carrying...

    .50 AE v 9 mm Parabellum
  11. Why must you insist on carrying...

    "Why must you insist on carrying a .50 cal desert eagle?" Because they don't make a .60 cal
  12. Wow...I want one!

    1400 HP in an open center-console style boat. What's not to like?
  13. Quaint, but still relevant...

    I stumbled onto this old jewel while surfing through Youtube's collection of shooting and firearm-related videos:

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