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  1. Version Beta 1.0


    Carrier Deck Illumination Beta 1.0 Effects and .ini work: MiGbuster and Fubar512 Placement: MiGbuster Technical Consultant: SidDogg This mod DOES NOT contain the carrier models. It requires that you have Sf2V and/or SF2NA, and preferably both, installed on your system. The SCB-125 and CVA-63 models are native to SF2V. They are also included in SF2NA, which adds the CVN-68. We have included files for all three types. To install: Simply drag the contents of the zip file, which are the two folders, "effects and groundobject", into the mod (saved games) folder of the desired title. For example, using SF2NA, the default path would be "YOUR NAME/Saved Games/Thirdwire/StrikeFighters2NorthAtlantic" Note that this is a Beta, a work in progress, and as such, it is not perfect. Deck illumination is on all the time. The Optical Landing System is not-functional. These are currently due to the limitations of the series.
  2. Langley AFB Air Show

    These images were taken by a member of another site that I frequent, "Jetskibrian". To see more, go to http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-outdoor-photos/753081-s-like-thunder.html
  3. BSG B&C Teaser

  4. Yak38M Cockpit Hotfix

    Version 1.0


    Yak-38M Gunsight Hotfix by: Fubar512 This is a Hotfix that resolves the Yak-38M’s missing gun sight, and adjusts the aircraft’s gun aim angle to take advantage of the gun sight’s positioning. TO INSTALL: "Objects", into your User Name/Saved Games/Thirdwire/SF2x folder, overwriting the originals when prompted. It will replace the cockpit folder, the avionics, cockpit, and the Yak-38M_85 data ini files. CREDITS: Paladrian: Mira overlay Tomcat74: Setka Fubar512: A2A sight and ini work And thanks to... KJakker: For the idea and the inspiration.
  5. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I've shot the BRN-10. It is a really nice rifle. The 20" barrel on the classic AR-pattern (mimicking either the M-16, M-16A1, or M-16A2), is a nice shooting rifle, with almost no felt recoil, and amazing accuracy. From what I've see from Chronograph results, the longer barrel also imparts an additional 100-200 fps to the base 55-grain 5.56 or .223 round, over a 16" M-4 pattern rifle.
  6. Why must you insist on carrying...

    "Why must you insist on carrying a .50 cal desert eagle?" Because they don't make a .60 cal
  7. Why must you insist on carrying...

    From Quora: "Although outwardly they look similar they are different rifles. The AK has a long stroke gas system, two locking lugs on the bolt, a simple trigger, is capable of fully automatic fire, and the forearm is attached directly to the barrel. The Dragunov uses a short stroke gas system, a bolt with three locking lugs for greater strength, a semi-automatic only match grade trigger, and a forearm attachment that relieves pressure on the barrel for better accuracy.". It's chambered in the 7.62x54R (rimmed) cartridge, as is the Mosin-Nagant.
  8. Why must you insist on carrying...

    From what I've read (and seen on Youtube firearm-specific channels), The SVD was not specifically designed to be a sniper rifle (although they later referred to it as one). Rather, it was meant to be a "support rifle for designated marksmen." Read what you will into that statement. Now, using quote, "high-grade" ammunition, it was supposed to be capable of 1.04 MOA (maximum) at 100 meters. I would suspect that with proper match ammo, it would yield sub-MOA groups at that range. It's maximum effective range was reported to be 1300 meters.
  9. Why must you insist on carrying...

    7.62x39. The easy way to tell, is to look at the curvature of the magazine. The AK-47's 7.62x39 mm has the most curvature, the AK-74's (5.45x39 mm) has less. Also, but not always the case, the 47's have an angled gas block, while a straight one normally signifies an AK-74. Of course, this doesn't necessarily apply to AK derivatives such as the Galil, the Valmet, the Norinco rifles (etc.). AK-74:
  10. Why must you insist on carrying...

    My AK is nothing special. It's a Century Arms C39V2 with the full Magpul furniture set and a Primary Arms red-dot on the proprietary Century Arms side mount. Given the checkered past of this brand and model, I check it regularly for head space issues with a set of go-no-go gauges, and keep a close eye on BCG and receiver wear. So far (approximately 1500 rounds in), so good. It's proven accurate and reliable so far. Here it is with my Mini-14..
  11. Why must you insist on carrying...

    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your AR. If I lived within reasonable driving distance of you, I would clear the jam and clean that firearm for you. I have both an AR-15 and an AK-47, and enjoy shooting them both.
  12. Why must you insist on carrying...

    It's also one of my favorites...though mine is chambered in 9 mm, so the ammo is about half as expensive as .45 ACP.
  13. Why must you insist on carrying...

    One never knows what one might encounter. Cthulhu, for example...
  14. Why must you insist on carrying...

    .50 AE v 9 mm Parabellum
  15. Wow...I want one!

    1400 HP in an open center-console style boat. What's not to like?
  16. Quaint, but still relevant...

    I stumbled onto this old jewel while surfing through Youtube's collection of shooting and firearm-related videos:
  17. I may push to have this made into a sticky. Basically, the intent of this thread, is to encourage our members to share their recomendations for aviation-related reading material. I'll start out with a small list, all of which I heartily recommend: Non-fiction: Vietnam Above The Treetops, by John F Flanagan: Review at Amazon.com When Thunder Rolled, by Ed Rasimus: Review at Amazon.com Palace Cobra: A Fighter Pilot in the Vietnam Air War, by Ed Rasimus: Review at Amazon.com Scream of Eagles: The Dramatic Account of the U.S. Navy's Top Gun Fighter Pilots and How They Took Back the Skies Over Vietnam: by Robert K. Wilcox: Review at Amazon.com Fulcrum: A Top Gun Pilot's Escape From the Soviet Empire, by Alexander Zuyev: Review at Amazon.com Fiction: ROLLING THUNDER\STEEL TIGER\PHANTOM LEADER\EAGLE STATION, All by Mark Berent: Review at Amazon.com
  18. Yak-38M_85

    Version Beta 1.0


    Yak-38M Beta Version by: Krizis This model represents the "improved" variant of the Yak-38 Forger, the Yak-38M. Work on the '38M began in 1982, with an eye towards minimizing, if not eliminating, the deficiencies of its predecessor. By the time of its introduction in June of 1985, the improvements included a more potent power plant, the Soyuz-Tumansky R-28-300, as well as more powerful lift engines (2 x Rybinsk RD-38 turbo-jets). A steerable nose wheel, an increased load-carrying capacity on all wing hard points, and enlarged intakes rounded out the list. All the improvements resulted in a marked improvement in the aircraft's reliability and overall performance, and some of the earlier models were rebuilt to the updated standards of the 'M. TO INSTALL: Simply drag the two supplied folders, "Sounds" and "Objects", into your User Name/Saved Games/Thirdwire/SF2x folder. RELEASE NOTES: This model will not by available in any in-game missions or campaigns until late June of 1985, and will be unavailable after July of 1991. The loadout provided is as correct as I could make, given the limitations of the series, and the availabilty of some models (namely multiple ejector racks and missile guidence pods) The flight dynamics model is based on the Thirdwire flight model, with a few tweaks to reflect the up-rated capabilities of the M-model, as well as tweaks in thrust placement, thrust values, and flap values to allow for a smooth transition from vertical to horizontal flight, even under hard mode. Despite this, I recommend using a full HOTAS in conjunction with rudder pedals, or at least a HOTAS with a "twist" rudder axis. KNOWN ISSUES: 1) There is no wing-fold, nor canopy animation for this model, as Krizis never sent me a completed LOD file with animation IDs defined for those features. Hopefully, he will see this release and come back to finish the model. 2) The Cockpit, which was provided by Stary, presently lacks a working gunsight. This may be resolved sometime in September of 2014, as which point I'll release a revised model. 3) The model is set up by default for SF2NA, which considers strike missions to be anti-ship missions. Otherwise, electing an "anti-ship" mission in SF2NA, may result in a game crash. The loadout.ini file that is provided with this release is configured for easy editing, so that you can enable conventional strike and anti-ship missions in the other SF2 titles. 4) The AI in this series will not use the VTOL capabilities of any aircraft model, so this aircraft is equipped with a virtual tail-hook to allow it to land on the 1143-series aviation cruisers (Kiev, et all). CA-member Snailman has a fixed data ini for the Kiev in our uploads section, that simulates a VTOL "launch". CREDITS: Krizis: 3D model and grey texture-set. Stary: Cockpit Fubar512: ini work and sound effects. Lindr: Kh-23 ASM model. The Trooper: Red7001 pilot model This model is freeware, and may not be redistributed for profit without the express consent of its owner, Krizis
  19. Anyone care to guess

    Anyone care to guess what caused the return at the 8 o'clock position on this commercial marine radar display? It's on a 12-mile range setting, so each ring represents 3 miles across. That places the target 4.5-5 nm out from the vessel carrying the radar. Now, I know what it is, from its track (relative to the antenna's sweep period), and by having encountered such targets before.
  20. Anyone care to guess

    To figure that out, one must know the height of the radar, how its mounted (savvy installers place a wedge under the mounting flange to compensate for a boat's running angle), and the vertical beam width (large span open array radar antennas usually have a narrower beam width, than smaller, enclosed dome antennas). One boat that I used to run had a 72-mile radar mounted on it's bridge top. The antenna was about 20 feet above the waterline. On its 12-mile range setting, I used to see smaller, private aircraft departing from a local airport about 6-7 nautical miles away, and at the 36-mile range setting, military transports climbing out of joint base McGuire -Dix-Lakehurst (once they cleared the ground clutter).
  21. Anyone care to guess

    An airliner from the size of the return. Too bad it wasn't a video, as opposed to a still, then you'd appreciate how fast the return traverses the display.
  22. Anyone care to guess

    It's an aircraft.
  23. Anyone care to guess

    Skyviper, you are correct in one respect. You are looking at a heavy rain storm approaching from the vessel's port side. I happen to know that this boat is tied up at its slip in a small marina. Notice the diagonal line near the center of the display ? That's the land and docks in that marina, and in the surrounding area. The target at 8 o'clock traces back from a thin line and then gets "thicker" as it goes along. The antenna sweeps every 3-4 seconds. To make a line like that at that distance (given the sweep interval) requires a bit of headway. Hint: It's not another vessel.

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