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OutpostGamez - Exclusive Interview UnderWater Wars Squad Shooter

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OutpostGamez - Exclusive Interview UnderWater Wars Squad ShooterThe gang over at Outpostgamez had a sit down with the producers of the upcoming release of UnderWater Wars. He talks about some a little of everything, from the underwater environment to the land combat and much more…..


OPG: Could you tell us a little about how Underwater Wars will separate themselves from the other shooters and do you think your unique direction of having the ability to go underwater gives you that advantage over other genres?


Underwater Wars is really unique product. The game allows to lead the combat in 3 environments simultaneous – underwater, on the shore, on the sea and even in the air (owing to Jet Pack). By the way, Jet Pack is one of the main tidbits of the project. For example we can swim faster underwater with its help, also we are able to strafe, holding the enemies on the vantage. Also this device adds some spicy elements to the gameplay, for example we can fly from the water, suddenly attack our enemy and rapidly hide in the sea again.


Read on………..






OutpostGamez Staff





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You can't fault them for being a copycat project, certainly! A unique idea.


Jedi, Yeah i agree and i thought they were using the Unreal Engine though it wasnt so iam looking forward to it.

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