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They do a question someone could give me some names of programs that are frequently used for camouflage of aircraft and aircraft to build, I have some but not give me the final finishes comparable to those of you.

Since already thank you very much for all the input I can give

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The models, LOD, are built in 3dMax; other programs can be used; like Anim8or, but they still need importing into max for finalization and exporting, using TK 3rd Wire exporter.


Skins are made from UVmaps created in Max (I think!!!) with some plug-in who's name I forget, then the multi-layered skin template is usually made in Photoshop. I'm sure Gimp could be used as well; I use PS, so I can't speak to GIMP. I do know it handles layers and can create the 32-bit tgas (with Alpha channel) for making decals. And GIMP is a free-ware.


Having created some skins from scratch with the UVmap as a guide, I can tell you is truely NOT FUN!!! Guestimating panel and rivet lines, matching countours for camo patterns -that's sometimes hard enough to do on known planes with existing templates- it can be a long, involved process from scratch.


With exiting aircraft, as the F-4, with the templates availble (TK's), already have the 3-tone pattern, so it's easy to follow and figure out the mapping (ie: mapping is how the bits all combine on all the bitmaps to make a smooth painted-on finish), if you wanted as a fer instance, a 3-tone desert camo for Petroland


The real key: Experimentation. Paint it up, put it in game, look at it, see what works and what dosn't.

Time consuming? Sure; but sometimes the end result can be VERY worth it!


If you want to start skinning, start with easy, known aircraft with recognizable patterns; either natural metal (ok, that's a cheat!), or simple 1 or 2-tone camo paint schemes ala WW2 birds or early 60s stuff.


I hope this helps somewhat! :good:



kevin stein

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Thank you for taking the time to explain, recommend programs and giving me a little tutorial.

This actually already can say that I will start to give you more realism to my designs.


I thank you much





Marcos Canabal

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