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Getting Falcon 4.0

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Hey, guys.

I'm getting Falcon 4.0 this sunday (June 8th 2008) and I'll have to learn the systems although I know most of the F-16's systems.

I'll need some guides, can someone give me a site of Falcon guides or something?

If so, I'd really appreciate it, thanks in advance.

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Are you getting the Original Falcon 4.0 or Falcon 4:Allied Force?


I only have Falcon4:AF so will tell you that it comes with a nice big manual in pdf form - that you are advised to print off if you can do.


Work through the training missions first to get a feel of it all - and once you have been through training the manual seems a bit more understandable :)


Once you have played it a bit there are several forums where you can pick up good advice on how to play the game, how ECM really works and how to avoid missiles/SAMs etc (the manual won't help you with this!). fruglsworld has loads of useful stuff also.

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