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DGen campaigns briefings - All languages except Russian.



Version 7 - January 24th, 2010




Updated with latest campaigns by Boelcke (JG 26, Kuban), Juri_JS and Vtrelut; plus many small corrections. Takes into account "New patch for Asia for the Asians!" dated 01/02/09 by Ojcar, Norway winter and bomber campaigns by Juri_JS,

Japan Home Defence campaigns version 1.2 par Juri_JS, Reichsverteidingung updated campaigns par Boelcke, and French Wings version 10 par vtrelut.




As you probably have realized if you play DGen dynamic campaigns, there are many mistakes in current DGen briefings files:


1) Missing campaign briefings and/or debriefings, which result in strange words displayed on the screen, such as "LeningradSummer44DeBr" or "Africa42tGbDb" for instance.

2) Mistakes in briefings, which can make it sometimes impossible to display them in the game, especially when DGen syntax is not properly respected.

3) Wrong or missing aircraft descriptions or city names

4) Spelling and grammar errors


There are countless errors in the files, which is unavoidable given the hundreds of possible campaigns and probably thousands of various combinations of missions and campaigns which are available.



So I checked each briefing file, in all languages except the Russian language, and compared the contents with each related campaignsXXY.dat file,

for all DGen campaigns.



Basically all files have had to be corrected, except the Polish briefings and a couple of the RAF briefings over Murmansk. All others are corrected.

For spelling and grammar, I corrected only the French briefings. For all languages, I tried to correct as many DGen errors as possible, such as missing briefings or debriefings.



There are probably still many mistakes, but at least with these files now the user should be able to start a campaign without seeing something like "Lvov41SkBr", and finish campaigns without seeing something like "KurlandAug44DeDb".



Some of the briefings will appear in English even if you use another language in the game, some will be blank, but I added new ones for most campaigns which had no briefings.



Thanks a lot to Ljekio ULMAR who provided me with a translation of his Africa campaigns briefings made by Gagarin, which I adapted slightly. Thanks also to Papy46 who provided me with his French translations and corrections.



Some mission briefings for the Luftwaffe over Africa may look strange, because they refer to Soviets as enemies: this is due to the fact that these files are common with Eastern Front campaigns.



TO INSTALL, simply unzip the DGen folder contained in the zip, into the game's main directory, for all versions of installations/add-ons/patches.


By default the game's main directory is C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, or C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles.

You can also use these files if you have Pacific Fighters only.


Allow Windows to overwrite older files.



These files are compatible with all game versions, modded or unmodded, and with all mod packs.


There are also compatible with all types of game installs, with or without add-ons (payware or freeware add-ons).




Happy Flying!





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