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QUICK START FMs and Campaigns for Oct 2007 Version EP ONLY

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QUICK START FMs and Campaigns for Oct 2007 Version EP ONLY

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UPDATE: 3rd September


Se5a, Spad13, FokkerDr1 FMs changed.


For the Fokker Dr1, there are two alternative FMs, TKs with AI changes and mine. Default is mine... its your choice. There are backups of each version in the folder hopefully clearly named so you can delete default and copy another to pick and choose.




This pack only updates the stock plane FMs. Its meant to be a very QUICK START to a modded game. It does change the game considerably, and also includes Le Prieur Rockets and AI only planes made flyable.


If you like this, and want to then add other aircraft and FMs that work properly with the Expansion Pack Oct 2007 version then download the "FULL SET FMs and Campaigns for Oct 2007 Version EP ONLY", and add plane packages and FMs, manually and individually.


The FMs are done for Hard FM Mode. They will not work well, or as designed at all in Normal or Easy Mode (Flight Models are completely different and inconsistent).Actually, they are designed for hard everything, including Hard Enemy Skill Level in the Gameplay Options. However, if you find the AI too hard or too easy, see 5) AI Difficulty Setting.


IMPORTANT: These are ONLY for the Unpatched Expansion Pack - October 2007. They will not work well at all with the April 2008 patch nor will they work mixed with stock FMs.


Installation is very simple and quick, maybe 10 mins for everything.


1) Do a clean install of the the original FE (no need to apply patches), then install the paid for Oct 2007 Expansion Pack. DO NOT install any EP patches at all.


2) Extract this zip file to a temp folder, and move or copy all the folders of the extracted zip to your newly installed main First Eagles directory, and when prompted, click yes to overwrite existing files.


3) Go into the game, set all options to Hard (its designed for Hard), and...fly.


Thats it!!!


There is a comprehensive readme (there are many changes to the stock game), and consists of the following sections:


1) Introduction

2) The FMs

3) Additional Changes to FMs

4) Extras

5) AI Difficulty Setting

6) The Campaigns

7) Installation

8) Acknowledgements & Caveats


Please note that the included campaigns will not work until you download all the add-on planes. Standard campaigns will work of course.


Have fun.


Peter01 July 2008


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