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Is there such a tool which would allow me to see all the SAM and AAA distribution? Then I can use it to change an AAA to a SAM or vice-versa?

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Yes and No.


Any of the mission editors (WoVQMD works for me), should allow you to see the objects placements. That's the 'Yes'


As to the 'No'....

To change them, you'll need to edit the terrain's ***_targets.ini and ***_types ini; unless you want just 'generic' AD units.


The types ini will let you specifiy a particular unit, say an SA-9, while the targets ini lets you place it. Those files are located in each terrain's cat file (ie: Desert.cat, VietnamSEA.cat, GermanyCE.cat, IsraelME.cat). They need to be extracated using Skypat's Cat Extraction Tool (in the downloads section, under "Tools/Utilities")


BTW, the WoI Isreal map has already recieved an Air Defense Upgrade. It's in the downloads section, under 'Terrain/Maps'.


Also, just to save you a s**t-load of work, just about ALL the Mobile SAMs have their "GroundObjectRole=" set to MOBILE_AAA. It's little nasty trick we developed a few years back to assure they show up in-game. It also creates an nice Soviet-style layered defense system.



kevin stein

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