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Hi everyone I need to join a squadron for Lock-on.. I have been a flight simms enthusiast for a long time... I started with Janes Navy Fighters when the fastes computer in the market was a Pentium II 350Mghz... That was a long time ago. I first started to fall in love with simulators when I was in the Navy in 87-91 and the koolest simm was made out of linear terrain and the building were squares and rectangles...Trees were triangles and well I thought that was great...


since then I have owned Janes US Navy Fighters, Total Air War, F-22 ADF, EF-2000 v2.0, Falcon 4.0, Mig Alley, F/18 Hornet, US AirForce, Ultimate Flight Simulator FLY 2K, Flight Simulator 98, IL2 Stormovik, MS Combat Flight Sim 2, and 3, Now I can't wait to get my Lock-On..I pre-ordered it and well I'm going crazy waiting for it.. Just like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas to get here... Santa where are tho'?.. I'm going crazy.............


Anyways.. I need to joing a squadron of anything..I'll fly anything......Don't matter Russian or American..I'm there..


Some personal stuff about me..


I'm 38 years old, I live in Houston, Tx.. I have 2 kids and I'm happily married for 5 years.. I own a Nice House with 2 nice vehicles..A 03' Aviator and a 97 Convertible Firebird Red on Black... I will be honored if you guys hook me up with a squadron to join....

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I copied this post over to the Virtual Squadrons forum so everyone will see this post. Welcome aboard!

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