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Some of third party Soveit/WARSAW PACT aircraft use the Soviet designations for the weapons and others use the NATO designations. If my memory serves me right, I think that WOx series games use the NATO designations. So in the game the AA-7 Apex in some loadouts will be designated as "AA-7" while in some of the third party aircraft it is designated as "R-23". There are some files in the download section while help to decipher between the two and if memory serves me right there is a knowledge base article on how to correct the issue.

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I looked for the instructions and/or a file to fix it, but no luck. ANy ideas?

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It's somewhat labor-intensive, but go thru the LOADOUT.ini for each Soviet/Eastern aircraft you have and check what the loadout says. Compare that to your weapondata.ini file. Change the LOADOUT.ini to match whats in the Weapondata or vice-versa. As an example:


In my Su-27SK_LOADOUT.ini
























Because my AA-11 is listed as AA-11 in the Weapondata it wasn't showing up when it was listed in the Loadout with its Russian R-73 designation, while the AA-10 (R-27R) was showing up because I had installed it as R-27R and the LOADOUT was reading properly.


The LOADOUT.inis must match whats in the Weapondata.ini


What I'd do if I were you is make a small table with the refence names from NATO and from Russia, then rename your weapons with only one type, or figure out which designator is being used in your LOADOUT.ini and swap it out with the one in your Weapondata.

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