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Can Someone Help Me Please?

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Hallo Guys, i need help, last week my pc crashed and ive installed it new. But now i have lost some skins from Marc-fighters. :( and the side is down, so i can´t download the skins. :angry:

I´ve lost following Skins:


Page 2/ F-4b Midway Bicentennial

Page 3/ A-4b Argentinian Navy (Falklands)

A-4b Argentinian Airforce (Falklands)

A-4c Argentinian Airforce ( Falklands)

Page 4/ F-4e Comemoration JG 71 Luftwaffe

F-4b Royal Airforce Black (RAF)

Page 12/ A-1h South Vietnamese Navy

Page 15/ F-4e Comemoration 35 years USAF

F-4b Bicentennial VX 4 US Navy


Does somebody got this skins, and can send me please please some of the skins??? :(

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Guest capun

Head to Air Combat Fighters Central



He has posted some of the skins

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@ Striker01 no, it´s the black / red skin of 35 years JG 71


I haven´t found any of my lost skins, i´ve searched

on every homepage that i know, but nothing... :(

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Good news!


Over at the SimHq forums, Marcelo made the following statement:


Hi Guys!


I thank the whole ones for the help.

I don't have right date, more shortly Site Marcfighters will return, with old

and new skins.


Marcelo - Marcfighters


The link to this thread is: Where did Marcfighter skins go?




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