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RFC SPAD VII with Lewis gun

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Good thing, but isn't there another way to virtually add a lewis gun to a plane than by putting it as a pilot? Cause this make it not visible threw cockpit and maybe killable.


I guess the plane graphic file needs to have it yet done, no?


Thx by advance and good work.

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It could be set as a gun pod but if done that way there are problems too.gunpods are not able to be unjammed which is a problem in WWI.you could use the gunpod method instead of the pilot method but then you have to edit the Weapon.ini. I just figured it would be easier this way.By all means do it anyway you like.

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File Name: RFC SPAD VII with Lewis gun

File Submitter: whiteknight06604

File Submitted: 20 Jan 2009

File Category: WW1 Aircraft


Nothing fancy just extra firepower.


Click here to download this file


Nice add on thanks. Anything that increases my firepower is a very welcome addition. That reminds me ..... that Dalek in your avatar/sig ....... one of those trundling around a french village would be really cool :good:

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