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  1. I re-installed WOFF UE the other day after reloading Windows on my PC. I am not much of a pilot and have not flown it for 18 months or so but glad to be back up there.
  2. Hi, I recently re-installed CFS2 but cannot remember how to get an aircraft come up in my selectable airfields in my quick combat start field. I am sure it was something to do with messing about with a CFG file or similar but any help would be appreciated.
  3. Over the Front

    No but I had thought about joining. Sorry for your experience but thank you for posting, you confirmed my reservations about them. So many resources online these days. The good folks on this forum have always been a good source of information for me too. Have you tried the Rise of Flight web site
  4. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Nice shots. I love those French tanks too! Any chance of seeing some bombing shots, maybe a bridge hit or something equally spectacular?
  5. New Seaplane - Sopwith Baby

    In the words of the immortal Elvis .... Thank you very much :-)
  6. FE2 update patch

    I like my FE2 just as it is. This thread reminds me of my Wings of Prey game. That is an amazingly good WWII sim but I stopped using it 3 years ago when one of the updates ( from Gaiijin resulted in it not working on my system yet AGAIN! I just reinstalled it and it took a couple of emails to tech support this week to even download the latest version ( and 24.5gb. I wonder what the next update will do to this install. Some of the initial things that users asked to be fixed still have not been either (cockpit views in bombers). Meanwhile the company has released open beta of War Thunder. They justify the many bugs with ït is only a beta release this time. You guys are so right, make games open to serious modders and let them fix things. Well done all you modders!
  7. Nice. I live next to a GA airport and like walk my dogs along the perimeter. They often have Yak52's and Nanchings flying overhead from the Warbird flights company. They also have crop dusters outside the hangars but monoplane ones, the big ugly yellow guppy looking things. Always good to watch the planes thundering overhead.
  8. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Those shots are awesome thanks. I love the Spad upside down
  9. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Fantastic thanks
  10. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    The Spad and the Albatross, 2 of my favourite steeds. I fly on very rare occassions in Rise of Flight as a member of the Skeleton Crew (SC_Zester). We hve an ACE skinner in there called SID. Look what he did for me, note the Zester name under the cockpit and the symbol on the tail
  11. Magnifent work. The only negative I think is the plumes of smoke looking too similar and uniform from 2 mins 49 seconds onwards. I would imagine this could be a program limitation.
  12. Seaplane Missions - In Progress

    Thank you. Excellent work.
  13. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Gadzooks old boy! I think you got it :-)
  14. First Eagles wish list #1

    I absolutely loved WoW. I had a squad of 6 up and running and spent many afternoons shooting each other up. As you said it looked like the developers were going to develop it into something realistic but they did not. The missions were very challenging, the audio between pilots was funny and interesting too. It reminded me of Flight Unlimited, another MS Flight Simulator beater that died an early and unwarranted death.
  15. Recon Missions

    Nice answer. I will definitely go for one of those next time.

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