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  1. Errors

    Yes thanks. Reinstalled and now running fine.
  2. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    You can also change season and time of day.
  3. Rick Rawlings Let's Play WOFF

    I love the vids but was wondering if there was any way of making them lighter? The landscape is so dark it is hard to see sometimes.
  4. What does (HA) stand for?

    I was thinking Hostile Aircraft.
  5. WW1 Board Games

    Yes I have Dawn Patrol. I had the map scanned and printed larger. I sometimes use that for Wings of Glory scenarios. I have lots of Wings of Glory miniatures, mostly WWI with 20 or so WWII planes together with the Battle of Britain set. I also have the last Blue Max boxed version. I have Sails of Glory and 60 ship miniatues and have just ordered Oak & iron core set. I am lucky enough to have 3 friends with similar interests and we meet up once a week for a game. Unfortunately they do not like anything other than WWI Wings of Glory so for the time being Nelson stays in hix box.
  6. Linux

    Thank you for the prompt reply and the comprehensive information in your links. I am not going to stuff about tinkering with Linux until the dreaded Win 11 forces me to, but it is always nice to know there is an alternate OS that will continue to run the sim. I also have UE and PE versions so I should get a runner there.
  7. Linux

    I was curios to see if anyone is using Linux and playing this game? I keep hearing about Windows 11 is coming etc., and I am not sure my ageing laptop will cope with that so I was wondering about running this on an alternative OS.
  8. It's all gone quiet...

    Ahhh Red Baron. The most iconic and some say the best WWI flying game ever produced. Thanks for the reminder. :-)
  9. It's all gone quiet...

    I have been messing about with my computer and also busy downloading the user created (IZOJUB) Northern Territory for my Aerofly FS2 (AFS2). The core AFS2 program is about 155 gb so I offloaded it and reinstalled to an external hard drive. It is slower to load but runs just as quickly once scenery has loaded etc. Pleased that WoFF and WoTR are not such giants.
  10. I killed off my RFC person and started a campaign as a French pilot. Lovely Caudron G4, but for my first mission I decided to let the Auto pilot land it and observe speeds etc. Toul was my airfield. Same thing all 3 planes of my flight straight into the ground! Bit annoying after an hour or more of flight but c'est la vie or c'est la mort or maybe even c'est CFS3.
  11. Rear Gunner Blues

    Well fought action. I was surprised you took your eyes off of him so often. If that was me I would have lost him for sure. At distance, some of the specks on your goggles were bigger than him.
  12. Transfer requests

    Thank you. It was under intel.
  13. Hello chaps. I was wondering where I can request a transfer within the game? I am in RFC 16 flying a Be2C early, but I would like to try flying one of those Morane Saulnier L types in RFC 12 or similar.
  14. I found this folder on my hard disk and cannot remember where I got it from but it is a humorous run through on just about all the planes in this sim. They are in RTF, Doc and PDF format for each plane. The file date stamp is 2012 or 2017 for the PDF versions. Does anyone know who the author is and if they would mind me sharing the contents on my Wings of Glory forum too. They would really brighten someone's day I think. An example for one plane is attached. Flying and Air Fighting in the R. A. F. BE2 Series.pdf

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