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Lomac Documentation

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I was wondering if I am missing some of the documentation for this game. I bought it yesterday and only found a slim booklet with very little information about



In order to fly missions, it seems to be assuming that you already know all the radar modes and capibilitys as was as the radar warning systems. I know there is some tutorials availible in the simulator, however they aren't really complete to teach you all the systems. I recall some of the radar modes and capibilitys from Falcon 4, however I don't remember everything.


I'd kindly take to being corrected here, but it seems very strange to have a simulator and aircraft with quite powerful onboard systems and have no real documentation to lean on while learning things. Heck I don't even have a keyboard

template in the box....I understand several people have made some available but sheesh. Then I read that someone is creating a 300page manual that will cost a additional 30 or 40 bucks so you can learn all the sytems.


What the heck is up with that? why not charge 80bucks in the begining and get it over with? Now you have to wait till you can get your hands on that.

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