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*** Additional Su-27 Training Track - How To View

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Hi everyone,


I just purchased Lock On today and was happy to see that a resource file which will enable the viewing of an additional Su-27 training track was installed and with a few steps can be viewed from the Training interface.


The track is the Su-27 Close Air Combat and Longitudinal Missile Aiming mode training tutorial. These modes are similar to the F-15C AACQ modes are used for within visual range combat.


This file also updates the training tutorial descriptions in the Training interface.


To view the track through the Training interface, please do the following:


1. Open the Lock On/Missions/Tracks/Training folder and copy the "TrainingData.txt" file.


2. Open the Lock On/FUI/Resources folder and paste the file overwriting the original.


3. Start Lock On and enter the Training menu.


4. Press the Su-27 button and there you will see four training tutorials with the 4th being CAC/LMA training.


That's it!





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Geez... Is Shepski everywhere or what? Where do you find the time to devote yourself so much to this sim? Great job!!


(Once again, kudos on the training, as I mentionned on the UNI forum -where I am Ian_L-)

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