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  1. Desktop Calendars

    Fates- The monthly calendars have graced my pc desktops both at home and at work for the past year. Whether screenshots from simulations or real life photos, the pictures have been great! Always having a calendar on my desktop is useful too. Thanks! Knife21
  2. Great idea! Good luck to all. Post #20
  3. That is good news! I am ready to get back into Lock On. With so many changes in the works I decided to take a hiatus from it. It's going to be like relearning it now. :D
  4. Texas Chili Cookoff

    Funny as hell! I laughed out loud I don't know how many times. I reckon there's hope. :P
  5. Recording Avi's...

    Try Virtualdub. It is free and it works well. A lot of the movie makers record at a lower resolution. Most of the IL-2 movies are captured at 640x480x32 with Fraps. http://www.virtualdub.org/
  6. A Sober Moment

    Thanks for sharing that link. That was a very moving story. A situation like that really puts things in perspective. I wish him peace .. Knife21
  7. Run To Subsim!!!

    MrMudd, Maybe I misinterpreted what Sonalysts was saying about the crewable stations on a single platform. This simulation definitely looks good regardless. How long do the mutiplayer games last in SC? Is it difficult to locate and set up your opponent? From Subsim: SUBSIM: Sonalysts Combat Sims have always featured robust multiplayer as a core feature. So, there will be multiplayer stations aboard one vessel? Sonalysts: JC: Yes, this is a new feature that we’re pretty excited about and we hope it will add a new dimension to multiplayer collaboration. Multi-station mode allows a team of players to work together in operating any drivable platform at any station. SUBSIM: Which ships and which stations can be manned in this fashion? Sonalysts: MK: All stations selectable from the in-game station menu can be distributed among players during a multi-station session. This feature is available for all drivable platforms.
  8. Run To Subsim!!!

    It's always fun when you can put multiple players in the same platform. I really enjoyed Longbow 2 for the pilot/gunner option with two live players in the Apache. F-15 Strike Eagle III did this nicely years ago with the pilot/WSO. DW looks promising!
  9. Oops, correction to my last post. Priority shippping is $5.99 even if you order three games. Still not too bad considering what your getting.
  10. Good point. When I buy from Go Gamer, I usually try to pick up a few titles that I am interested in. Free shipping, a free T-Shirt, some candy and a good price. If I have to have it right away, I usually visit EB. :)
  11. Something that has helped make my gameplay more fluid is to boot the game and then select CTRL+ESC to go back to the desktop. Next, simply click on the LOMAC icon on the task bar to get back to the game. I don't have framerate data to support the difference, but it is significant. Especially when I pan the views. Also, I have heat blur and mirrors turned off, and I'm using 16 bit color. I have water set to medium, but I have read elsewhere to set it to low.
  12. I can agree with you there. The Lock On MP interface is somewhat tricky until you get the hang of it. A lot of the problems I see at ubi.com is noobies jumping right in and trying to host or join games with no concept of how to do either. I have enjoyed many quality hours in MP at ubi.com when you have both a host that knows how to set-up a game and clients that know how to join. With poweruser capability there is some complexity involved. I like the fact you can create a MP mission on the fly. Regarding SF:P1, I have not tried the MP since the last patch, and that has been close to a year. It's been so long that I can't recall exactly what discouraged me from it other than there being too many problems.
  13. I get it BP. I purchased the game specifically for the multiplayer. I wanted something to get into quickly for online dogfights. Based on that, you know I have not got much use out of P1. I recently read a post in another forum about the patch status. The author has a friend that is a beta tester. He said that no work has been done in the last 3 months on the patch. That may or may not be true. Although he seemed like an intelligent and informed poster. I agree with MadJeff. I have moved on long ago. If the patch ever comes, it will be an unexpected surprise. The posts that allude to Lock On having problems are irrelevant. We all know by now that most new software will require updates to fix post release problems. It was released less than a week ago. I picked up P1 in late August 2002, so what is the point?

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