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Squadron Management

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Just wondering do you ever get new squad members in FE? Just played a campaign and I made it through 6 missions until I died (stupid intercept bomber mission)


Anyway the very first mission I lost 3 squad members and at Mission 6 they had no replacements.


Do you ever get new squad members in a campaign?


Next time I go against an intercept bomber mission... I'm taking the whole squadron (whatever I have left)


2 vs the back firing of those bombers sucked. LOL.

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AFAIR yes, you get replacement, how much and when depends on the campaign settings (and your own difficulty settings for the campaing).


You may also question your tactics...


The AI being suicidal shouldn't force you to be the same...


As you can't use the sun in FE, your best chances against bombers is using dead angles or less covered ones...

Coming frontally might work, from the front sides has a nice chance of success and eases the maneuver after your firing pass, exposing you as little as possible to the rear arc of fire....

You could still attack from behind though, but not from above, being lower than your target enhances your survivability as most gunners have limited depression on their guns, just be aware that bombers cover each other and that while your prey may not fire at you, others in his formation may, so concentrate on those on the outer part of their formation and straddlers...


Better pilots who played more recently will probably give you far better advices latter on :)

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