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  1. That's a new one to me, if you had the game freeze with the sound "hanging", sure, but if the game keeps on running, never saw that one yet, are you sure it happens only with SF2, or may it be a weird coincidence ? Could it be linked to remanent keys and other weird windows shortcuts ? Sometimes with Windows 10 when you keep some keys, or combination of keys pressed for a certain time or pressed in quick succession, it will pop up a menu asking you if you where intending to do some specific actions, sometime this pop up will remain in the background but be in focus, robbing the input from the foreground window (usually a fullscreen game) until either the timer expires, you somehow click blindly to dismiss it, or you press the right key to dismiss it. I've never had it happen with SF2 though but it's been a pain in my neck with some other games.
  2. I think there is a more elegant way to do this but I'll have to check my installs to remember how I did it. If you are out of StationID and are fine with always having the LAU-105 (and maybe ACMI) on, you could replace these two Stations with FakePilot entries.
  3. So, something like that ? It's a quick proof of concept using the stock A-10A (78) and uses 3 StationIDs (the single rail 2IR trick doesn't work the way I remembered). Files are minimally commented, search them for ";/!\" to find comments about changed or added parts. Keep in mind that due to the engine's limitation, you will lose player selectable weapon stations. If only GroupLimit worked with StationGroupIDs beyond 6. Objects.zip
  4. Define a twin rail launcher with only one position defined (AFAIR that works, but that's only necessary if you don't hide the pylon from the player), add a new pylon for the ACMI pod, however it will require some trial and error to position it properly, of course that means you must have at least one free pylon position in the DATA ini. Ideally you would then put both these pylons hidden as part of Group 7 and use your loadout file to force them loading the way you want. I could whip up an example when I get more time if you have no clue what I'm talking about... are you trying to do so for TW's A-10 or one of the others ?
  5. Oh dear, can I join, can I join... It's been soooo long since I last shat on the Derek Smart (or is Uwe Boll more appropriate) of Strike Fighters modding.
  6. Hmmm, let's say, combining all binaries, tools, installs, storage and version controlled stores... Behold my insanity, mortals ! Files : 5 041 927 Folders : 361 580 Size : about 2.57TB And that's fairly conservative because the largest part resides on a compressed partition and half of it are archives (the largest being one 24GB file, which unarchived would be 160GB and about 400k files). To be fair, that also includes some research material mixed in. The oldest file is from January 2003 (Deuce's Euro Terrain). Even for the part that is properly tagged, indexed and linked to my search engine, it takes quite some time to find anything. Never worry about the space you devote to your hobbies, there's always a madman out there who will make you look reasonable. :D
  7. Looking good. Yeah, the tailcode thing is weird, but every picture I could properly source seems to confirm it, but I've yet to find a picture with two B-26N of 1/71 showing their tailcode to be absolutely sure of it. One of the hypothesis, considering all pictures have a very small N (smaller than the numerical code), rather than the usual large letter, is that the N is not actually a tailcode, but something to indicate the aircraft is a B-26N.
  8. In case it's needed, here's my translation/research dump so far October 1, 1958 Creation as Escadrille de Chasse de Nuit 1/71 (ECN 1/71) in Tébéssa (Algeria), using the means of the Escadre de Chasse 30 (EC 30) from Reims (France), inheriting the traditions of VB 135, receiving the radio callsign "Rengaine" but receiving no name Equipped with 6 MD 315R June 15, 1959 Move to Bône-les-Salines (Algeria) with permanent detachments to Oran, Méchéria, Tébéssa, El-Oued-Guelmar, Ouargla, Biskra and Bir-el-Ater September, 1959 Equipped with 6 MD 315R and 3 Meteor NF.11 January, 1960 Equipped with 9 MD 315R and 6 Meteor NF.11 May, 1961 Arrival of the first B-26N October, 1961 Retirement of the Meteor Equipped with 9 MD 315R and 6 B-26N November 4, 1961 Transformed into the Escadron de Chasse de Nuit 1/71 (ECN 1/71) July, 1962 Moved back to Reims (France) August 31, 1962 Dissolution of the unit Known planes Meteor NF.11 NF11-41 346-QN Meteor NF.11 NF11-19 346-QC Meteor NF.11 NF11-38 (?346-Q?)Z B-26N 42-32579 B-26N 44-34213 B-26N 43-22609 B-26N 44-35926 MD 315R 13 MD 315R 15 MD 315R 24 MD 315R 26 MD 315R 32 MD 315R 70 All B-26N have a N tailcode. Reminder, the Armée de l'Air's organization at the time (and still today), doesn't follow exactly the US/UK schemes; to simplify it's using the Escadrille/Escadron/Escadre levels, instead of the Squadron/Group/Wing ones. An Escadrille is a smaller unit than a Squadron, usually the equivalent of two flights. It's not a subdivision of an Escadron, but an Escadre, it's at the same level as the Escadron for most purposes, just a smaller unit. An Escadron is usually a larger unit than a Squadron, usually regrouping the equivalent of 2 to 4 Escadrilles, it's the new name of what was once known as a Groupe and is close to US WW2 Groups. An Escadron doesn't have Escadrille subdivisions on an organisational level, some may be considered to have Escadrilles, but mostly as a way to carry traditions of multiple units within a single organisational unit. An Escadre is the largest unit below the Commandement (at that time) and is roughly the equivalent of a Wing. In the present case, the change from an Escadrille to an Escadron is mostly administrative, apparently changing nothing in terms of personel or planes available. Sources : https://www.traditions-air.fr/unit/escadrille/escadrilledivers1.htm#EEC171 http://www.passionpourlaviation.fr/tag/escadrille-de-chasse-de-nuit/ http://www.deltareflex.com/unite/ecn71.pdf
  9. Yup, Menrva is right, it was never named, like most ad-hoc squadrons raised for our decolonisation wars. Do you need help on documentation for ECN 1/71, I could spend some time tonight. As for the Matra 122, that doesn't sound right, to me the Matra 122 is the training, 7 rounds version of the Matra 155, it might have been used as an ad-hoc air-to-air weapon on planes without guns though (edit: checked, the Type 122 is exactly that, not a dedicated AA version, there doesn't seem to be a specific AA SNEB version).
  10. 1) The A-12 Avenger II was not from the TMF originally, it was released on the french community site, Check-Six, exclusively at first, but at least at the time rhugouvi wasn't part of the Mirage Factory. 2) Veltro's plane is an YF-12 which is another beast entirely from either the A-12 or the SR-71, same overall program and airframe but not the same plane. The YF-12 is the ugly one of the family (not a comment on Veltro's work, just the subject matter). And yes, the YF-12 is available here... So shut up, you're both kind of wrong and kind of right, there, happy now !
  11. Let's hope he takes this opportunity to remove some hard coded limitations that made sense with Windows 7 and older hardware but no longer make sense with Windows 10 and vastly more powerful hardware.
  12. Mostly being stunningly incompetent* and bribing publishers to get exclusives from under Steam and crowd-funders, without regards for the consumer's or developer's best interest (despite crowing about how they're all about developers). * I mean, it's 2020, they've had their store for more than a year now, and having a wishlist or a shopping cart to purchase more than one game at once are still considered as some futuristic tech they don't see implementing before at least 6 months... How incompetent can you be ?
  13. Which Rebel Galaxy ? The original one, or Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, which is a Privateer single-player spiritual successor. It is currently an Epic Exclusive, which might eliminate it for some people, me included, but I've only heard good things about it, if you're willing to caution Epic's anti-consumer moves. As for Star Citizen, it's taking its sweet time, a lot of problems come from developing two games at once and the Wing Commander, single player, successor taking all resources currently, but the whole project reached a point where the viability is not that much in question anymore (unless Squadron 42 flops hard that is), it's just that expecting a "1.0" release any sooner than in 5 years is... kinda optimistic at this point, there'll be a beta sooner than that, but yeah, only get into it if you're comfortable with the long game. Currently Star Citizen is playable, if you like bugs and not having many things to do, but when it works, and for exploring environments... it's just gorgeous and sometimes magical. It's better when faffing around with friends than solo currently. And expect bugs, lots of them, big, small... still not as bad as a Bethesda game and at least it doesn't look like trash, but still, bugs, bugs, bugs... Oh and if you get into Star Citizen, don't bother to buy anything beyond a starter package unless you're fine with "losing" that money, everything will be obtainable in game, you have rentals and in-game buys (reset each time a major patch hits, currently) and asking in general chat will often have some stranger willing to spawn almost any ship for you to try.
  14. Australia forest fires

    I don't want to spoil it, but we're already FUBAR... barring a miracle, the ball is already rolling and we won't be able to stop it before it irremediably destroys ecosystems, some species that were on the verge are already dead men walking. We have long passed the tipping point, it's not about avoiding damage anymore, it's about mitigation strategies and how quickly we can get back to "normal" without reaching the point of no return. That's where I hate the little Swedish shit, she doesn't listen to scientists, she doesn't understand the science, she is still under the childish impression that if only adults were willing, everything would be miraculously solved and she wouldn't have to do a thing when reaching adulthood... For most things we are already in what was considered the worst case scenario decades ago, just because science keeps updating the predictions and some of our worse fears thankfully didn't realise doesn't mean we're not fucked already and that the current situation, even taking radical measures right now, won't take generations to "fix". Worse, at the point we're at, any radical solution might end up making the problem even worse, so not doing anything might be the lesser evil. This isn't a simple, almost single-factor problem like the "ozone layer hole" that can be fixed in a couple of decades, this is an extremely complex, multi-factor, self-feeding problem. Worse, not even taking just the climate into account, the fact that we have put education on the backburner, plus the economic problems, real or perceived, and the bleating of idiots about their holy books, their sovereignty, their way of life, their guns, their cars, their "freedom" mean that any quick solution that will, necessarily, impact economic circumstances and way of lives will be either stopped or reverted thanks to the rise of cynical populist shitbags who only have the perspective of having power for a few years rather than the long term benefits for their countries and fellow citizens.
  15. Australia forest fires

    If only the Australians had raked the forests, as they do in Finland.

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