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  1. To my knowledge, no, we never used any in fact AFAIR.
  2. Let me Google that for you... Ah here it is... The host plane is a Chinese evolution of the An-12, the Shaanxi Y-8. The Chinese have an AWACS variant themselves, the Shaanxi KJ-200, using the same radar as the Swedish Saab Argus and Erieye. This one is a Shaanxi ZDK-03, a KJ-200 variant built for Pakistan with an AESA radar of Chinese origin, supposedly with better performances than the Erieye also operated by Pakistan.
  3. How to extract .LOD file

    Seems you found the solutions to your problems in PM, just in case you didn't, and in public so other people can benefit if they find this thread with the same concerns : 1) Mue's LODviewer doesn't degrade the rendering of the models, what's missing is some tricks in texture rendering, as well as normal and specular maps (but that's less of a problem in FE). 2) You can rotate the models by keeping ALT+LeftMouseButton pressed while moving your mouse around. 3) You can translate the models by keeping SHIFT+LeftMouseButton pressed while moving your mouse around.
  4. How to extract .LOD file

    You don't need to extract them to view them, if what you are after is indeed just an asset viewer, Mue's tools work for FE too, last time I checked : However, if you are after real extraction to modify the models, then you'll get no help from this part of the community; it's possible, the tools exist somewhere, but it opens the gate to people stealing other people's hard work and is frowned upon around here.
  5. The 10 worst Royal Navy Aircraft

    What, no Supermarine Attacker, really ? How could one take that list seriously without the Attacker ?
  6. A new CombatACE feature? We should have fun with this.

    Let's try something, have you seen Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ? Ok, I don't know what to think, it's both childish and half-assed, utterly asinine... Americans and their pathological fear of "dirty" words, it's not as if they were firearms...
  7. Erik, yes, there are more places, but quite frankly, they are far less useful than the previous system. First, my suggestion, drop the subcategories below at least the main categories (skin, plane, terrain) or ideally the game level (SF1, SF2, FE, OFF), adopt a flatter hierarchy, replacing subcategories by tags (this can be done in batch through scripts). And then, my comments on the current situation. The sliders look great, but that's about all they do (I mean, they only work for the last 10 to 14 uploads, depending on which page and they're not present on useful intermediate levels). The new content indicator is nice, but only works at the root of the download tree, not on the further nodes, making it completely useless (eg. I know there's something new in SF, or DCS, but once I go more specific than that, I lose that information, I don't know if the new file is in SF1 or SF2, and so on). The superset categories not showing the content of the subsets is frankly a huge step back ("No files here[...]", forcing you to search down to each lowest level to find if there is something new to you, but not new enough to show up on the sliders). The release threads, they've always been kind of redundant and do not constitute a useful search tool as they are not categorised, forcing you to open each thread to be sure whether it's a map or campaign, a plane or skin etc... So, sure, Marat's question is weird, but it's easily explained by the fact that the current system is objectively less functional than the previous one. As usual, no offence was meant, you're used to the system, navigating it and to you it makes sense and is useful enough as is, but from an outside perspective, it's a step back. Also take into account that it means that to find new content you have to go though more pages, most of them with pictures, using more resources because the information we need is not provided in a meaningful way. Just in case you need an example, let's say I get away for some time, that a skin I'm interested in gets released, then a few dozen other files are uploaded. When I come back, I only get the information that there are new files, not a useful information, I either need to go down deep into the tree to the specific plane in the skin branch to know there's a new file there, or I need to open every file release topic since I left to find it... It's not efficient. With the old site, I just went to the Strike Fighters 2 downloads, and there was the list of all files, by update date, no need to go diving each and every subcategory to get that.
  8. Framerates

    Is this a joke ? Ah no, you're new, sorry, let's just say for us who have been around long enough and have a tendency to push SF2, we don't really agree with your assessment of how well SF2 aged and how optimised it is...
  9. Nice, take your time, we know it's in the name of quality work.
  10. Eels

    They obviously saw an hovercraft and tried to jump on board.
  11. Any plane modders have objections?

    *unfolds his seat* *grabs pop-corn* *sits comfortably, grinning* Now this could prove entertaining...
  12. Now let's wait 2 to 4 years before it has a fully actually operational complement of aircrafts...
  13. Meanwhile, in North Korea

    The comments are even funnier/depressing than the video.
  14. Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2

    Let me guess, it will be a 100mn F-35 infomercial.

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