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  1. Macros are also useful for flare/chaff release on modern birds, instead of mashing the buttons you push once and it releases x CM over y time, by using nested menus you can make it "programmable".
  2. The mods part should be in c:\users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire
  3. A primer/undercoat is a layer of paint you apply before your actual paint, either to increase adhesion, protect from corrosion/rust/other environmental elements, enhance shadows when talking about model painting, or a mix of all. Zinc-chromate is one such primer used in the aviation industry since at least WW2, and it's well, yellow.
  4. Finally ! Some love for the CR, can't wait for earlier standard. Thanks Ludo and team.
  5. Nope, the trick only works on flat parts. Imagine you have two connected textured cubes, only their interface (the part where they meet) isn't textured or even mapped to be textured. What you propose to do in this specific instance is to make all the textures of one cube transparent, opening a visual hole letting you see into the other. It can be done, it doesn't look good.
  6. Just chiming in... If you go that direction, there are two ways to distribute this kind of mods that won't go against TK's intellectual rights : - Distribute replacement DLL/EXE using only new code. (What OpenTTD is to Transport Tycoon Deluxe, even though the "new" code on early versions was questionnable) - Distribute a patcher and patches. (What TTDPatch was to Transport Tycoon Deluxe) The reverse engineering is, in most jurisdictions, not illegal, so long as what you're reverse engineering has been obtained legally, and you're not illegally redistributing what you obtained from it. Then there is the contractual issues, by installing SF2 we agree to a long forgotten EULA, does that EULA prevent reverse-engineering ? Is that EULA legally enforceable ? Is TK still willing to defend it ? Mods tend to frown upon it because allowing it would open a can of worm, with many people not understand what they can and can't do, exposing the site to legal consequences for facilitating it. I don't agree with the heavy handed approach at times on these topics but I completely understand why as it could turn into a shitshow extremely fast.
  7. Those are J-10s not J-20s. But yes, you're owed royalties for the idea, try contacting Xi.
  8. Wait, Facebook is still around ?
  9. Also, check the mission ranges. If there is a valid base, a valid plane, but the range of the plane can't put it in a mission interceptable at compatible range with the plane you chose, it will crash too. Once had that on an install, launching from a carrier, and crashed, because in the era I played, the closest enemy base supporting compatible target aircraft was too far for my flight and the enemy flight to ever meet due to the max mission ranges.
  10. IIRC, Sea Power, they're Triassic Games, they were (with ?) Killerfish previously, they already published War on the Sea, Atlantic Fleet, Pacific Fleet and Cold Waters. As much as a loss it is to SF2, they seem to have life happen to them and seem to be on a reasonnably succesful roll so I'm glad for them.
  11. Well, Julhelm is working with Stary on a naval simulator with the revived Microprose as an editor. So I guess he hasn't much free time on his hands these days.
  12. Yes, you set up your DSR ratio in the control panel, it then opens higher resolutions in SF2 graphic options, chose these resolutions higher than your monitor native resolution and the driver will automatically use them and rescale to your native resolution. Let's say I have a 1920x1200 monitor, when I go into the graphic tabs of SF2, the maximum resolution will be shown as 1920x1200, but if I went into the nVidia Control Panel and activated a 4x DSR ratio, the 3840x2400 resolution would also be available, if I select it, the image displayed would still be in 1920x1200 perfectly fitting my monitor but it would be downscaled from 3840x2400 automatically, giving better image quality through finer color rather than spatial resolution.
  13. So, I read some uninformed bullshit that made my head hurt, I'll leave this here because I'm lazy and would end up being rude :
  14. DLSS I don't know, but DSR yes, that's what I run. Just make sure to select the higher resolution in SF2 after making the change in the control panel. Don't worry, even if it's larger than your monitor's resolution the drivers will downscale it automatically to it.
  15. Have you heard of our Lords and Saviours DSR and DLSS ? Not only does it provide better images than any AA mode, but it also comes at a fraction of the cost on most older games (for DSR) and many newer ones (for DLSS when supported).

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