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Refueling The Eagle

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I don`t know what the heck the devs where thinking when they came up with

this refueling "help". :blink:

I set up the tanker (KC-10) at 20k, 300kts. I joined up on him using the radar

initially to intercept then I turned the nose cold, pulled up on his starboard

observation position. Flew with him for couple of minutes then moved in to

stabilized pos. directly behind him. Opened up my refueling door and at that point

I got the clearance to connect. I moved the throttles up a notch and started

inching it in toward the boom slightly to the right of it. When the boom passed

me on my right I heard the "contact" call and the fuel was flowing. So far so good!

I looked at my fuel gauge and it was showing the tanks filling up. After getting

4000 lbs I decided to disconnect. That`s when the things start getting weird!

At first I moved the throttles back a little, trying to disconnect. No luck! I moved

them all the way back - still welded! I tried to moved the stick - nothing!

Only after my bags were full the tanker let go. And it did it by breaking away

from me :o I was stunned. Well, once the tanker was out of the picture I thought

I could just head back to base. Not so fast - I still couldn`t controll my plane.

I could roll it but any attempt to change the pitch was countered and the plane

returned to my original altitude. Then it hit me - autopilot and autothrottle!!

I pressed the "h" key and "j" key to disangage both and I was free :)

Anyway, I took some snapshots:


1) Starboard obs.


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