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  1. Cape Cod? Yo dat state is wicked cold!
  2. Need Help W/ Taxing

    Rule of thumb is just enough throttle to get moving, and taxi at the speed of a brisk walk, according to Richard L. Collins. Especially important is the day is windy. You don't want to inadvertently let a gust of wind flip you over.
  3. Repainting Styles

    Weathered and somewhat dirty and greasy. Repaints that look like matchbox cars perfectly pristine only exist in catalogs LOL
  4. Addon Help

    My advice after downloading and installing hundreds of aircraft over the years (and they're never the same) is to go into the stock aircraft folders and browse around. Get a working knowledge of what is supposed t go where. This will help when you come across a plane you want for instance but need to go looking for a panel for it. It really does atart to make sense after a while.
  5. The Purposes Of T&gs?

    Practice is as important in aviation as any other endeavor. Landing is the most critical phase of flight. touch and go, low pass and approach practice is essential to safe flight. This practice should be conducted in varied weatherconditions, day and night, and with different aircraft weights to understand and confidently predict how the aircraft will behave.
  6. Fast Eagle Is A Fraud...

    You know, it's not that damn hard to get in the damn military. Why lie about it? People really piss me off. USMC 98-03 OIF UAV Instructor Pilot Never got past Corporal becuase some people thought I was chubby, and that's the damn truth! Can't get any more honest than that folks.
  7. Even more Aircraft!!!

    FAS.org write-up on Yak-141 Freestyle This is from back in Yeltsin days. Global Security.org's data Says about the same thing. Yak-38 A much more significant Soviet-era VSTOL aircraft.
  8. Flight Deck 3 Video

    Hmmm....I really don't agree with the whole "money's worth" thing. I do not give Abacus propps for trying. I give freeware authors that. If Abacus is going to charge, then their products should be far better than the communities' efforts.
  9. Hover Control Blackhawk

    Where'd ya get that -53?
  10. Abacus...these Guys Are Great!

    I find their models to be weak, almost cartoonish, without detail, and their panels are weak. My opinion on them is don't pay for stuff you can get for free with better quality to boot. Case in point: Blackhawk. Abacus' Blackhawk sported a terrible cockpit (a Blackhawk's glareshield is canted at the ends. Not modelled), an even worse flight model, and for some strange reason decided to slap that silly Army of One logo on the side of it. Over at Hovercontrol.com on the other hand they've got a BH with the best .air file I've found yet, and like 20 skins. And it won't cost you a penny. Abacus' Flight Deck III....the Tomcat can't seem to stay in the airwith the wings swept back unless you're in burner (hmmmm) according to PCPilot. The CH-46 flight model is horrendous and has a panel with only a few guages on it. Save your movey, folks, and hit up the web. You'll find dozens of sites like simviation.com and hovercontrol.com
  11. Hover Control Blackhawk

    These Blackhawk are the best I've found yet...far better than Abacus' sad attempt. There are many skins in the repaint section of Hovercontrol.com
  12. N00bs, They Are The Best !!!

    Quite frankly I think the n00b thing needs to come to an end. I've seen a lot of people get treated rather shabbily by those who, dollars to donuts, wouldn't have the sand to talk to someone like that IRL. Nothing pissed me off worse than being called a n00b by some snot nosed 14 year old punk in DF:BHD who is online because he just got grounded for getting caught smoking. I don't think the flight sim community should support this dort of thing.
  13. N00bs, They Are The Best !!!

    Banky: "What's a nubian?"
  14. Originally Posted by eXor While making a mission, I gave myself 8 AGM-65Ds since I like mavericks It didn't look quite right so I googled and found this chart. What is the difference between A-10A and OA-10A. Can you mix loadouts from the two sections? Lo-mac allows up to two mavericks on stations 3 and 9 so according to this chart I am limited to four mavericks in total.

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