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1946 From Amazon with disc ONLY

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I just got a dvd of IL-2 1946 from Amazon.com.


In the slim-box is the dvd... nothing else. No manual. No keyboard card, no NUTHIN.


Is this normal? Or do I have a bootleg or something else weird here? The case says 'Made in Europe' on the back.

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IL-2 has never had a quick start mission you have to go into quick mission builder and make your own mission.You must be new to IL-2. I'm running my game at 1600x1200x32 and it looks great.

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The sim supports this resolution but you have to go to il2 main folder and search for the config.ini.. there you can change it, and set "save resolution" to "1" as enabled


I'm trying this, but no luck so far. I change my conf.ini to look like this:




title=Il2-Sturmovik Forgotten Battles

hotkeys=HotKey game

















But it doesn't seem to have any effect. When I go into options, I don't see 1680x1050. And when I exit the game and look at the conf.ini file, it's back to 1280x960.


Any advice here to get this in 1680x1050?



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