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Strike Fighters 2 Patch Feb 2009

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Strike Fighters 2 Patch Feb 2009

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Strike Fighters 2 / Feb 2009

Readme File




Table of Contents



1. Update Notes

2. Troubleshooting

3. Contacting Customer Support



1. Update Notes



If you have applied any mods to the game, please check the list

of updated files to see any data files you've extracted have

been changed. You must manually delete and/or updated these

files, or the patched game may not run correctly.


List of changes in this Update include:


Feb 2009



* Mach indicator on F-4 cockpits not moving past M1.1 is fixed.


* Joystick settings is less likely to be lost even if the joystick

is unplugged.


* Screenshots are now saved in .JPG format.


* F-4C (67) cockpit air threat indicator always being ON is fixed.


* A-4B and C altimeter not working is fixed.


* Some of the new 3d models for weapons not showing up is fixed.


* Missing Sidewinder rails textures on A-4 is fixed.


* One of the F-4D/E (75)'s decoy dispensers not working is fixed.


* Create New Pilot pop-up dialog now displays correctly.


* F-4E (72) and (75)'s service entry dates have been corrected.


* "Desert Fury" campaign having wrong start dates for USN and

USMC squadrons have been fixed.


* Font sizes have been adjusted to fit better on different resolutions.


* Some of the campaign CTD have been fixed.


* Aircraft prices when playing Mercenary campaign have been adjusted

to better account for small differences in their ECM capabilities.


* Starting weapons supply has been increased for Mercenary campaigns.


* The game no longer searchs for decals outside Decals folder, all

decals must now be placed under Objects\Decals folder.


* A-4 and F-100 drop tanks have been added to the external models

so they use individual texture set.



2. Troubleshooting



Troubleshooting Tips


Before installing the game, please try the following:


- Close all other applications.

- Verify that your system meets the minimum system requirements.


If you are experiencing difficulties in getting the game to run,

please try the following solutions:


- Obtain the latest drivers for your video and sound card.


- Obtain the latest version of Direct X from:




- Install the latest update for your game from:




- Run scandisk and defragment your drive.



3. Contacting Customer Support



To obtain further technical assistance regarding this product, please

send an e-mail to:




Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:


· Processor type and speed

· Operating System version

· Memory (RAM)

· DirectX Version

· Video Card type

· Error messages encountered and where/when you saw them.


Or visit our forums at




and leave us a message.





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