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FE Sounds V.2 (All new)

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FE Sounds V.2 (All new)

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FE Sounds V.2 (Revised 8 March 09)


EDIT 8/3/09:

Some people were experiencing problems with some of these samples, so I've made some changes to the package. The "Read Me" will explain...



Aside from using authentic sound samples, in my opinion, the next most important aspect of decent sound within a game is balance. I therefore paid particular attention to this when editing these files. As an example, check out the "WindLoop" sound, just audible above the noise of the engine.


New sounds included:













Please note:

The game's default volume for bullet hits on AI planes will be heard at the same volume level as hits to the players plane, which is obviously unrealistic. So to rectify this, extract, then open the "SOUNDLIST.INI" file from the "FlightData.cat". Scroll down to "DirtHit", and change the "MaxDist=" line to: MaxDist=010.000000.



I just want to let it be known that these files have been tucked away on my PC for three years or more, and therefore I can't remember where they originated from. Although I've enhanced and edited these samples to the point where they bear little or no relation to the originals, if anyone recognises one of them as being theirs and then take exception to their use, then please PM me and I'll be happy to delete that file from the package.


EDIT 2/3/09:

Sorry, forgot to mention...Just as a guide:

I use "Lerhone" for all the early 1915-16 rotary engine aircraft: DH2, Pup, Nieuports, Eindekker's, etc. It could also be used for the Fokker Dr.I and 110hp Sopwith Camel.

Use "RotaryEngine" for the Sopwith Triplane, 130 & 150hp Camels and all other late war (mid 1917-1918) rotary powered planes.



I hope you like at least a few of 'em




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I like those sounds alot, but some of them have annoying crackling sound (lerhone, lewis, spandau and vickers). Or am I the only one?

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Sorry for the delayed reply Dagaith, I missed your post tucked away in the top corner here!


I tested the download myself and found all to be OK except "Lerhone" which I agree, played in isolation, has a bit of a "tappety" noise, but when used in-game is totally unnoticable (to my ears anyway).


Whatever, I went through the whole lot again and updated the package. I hope the new lot work for you.


My apologies to you and anyone else who had trouble with the first download.



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Hmm... I still get these 'clicks' with some sounds... I tested with two soundcards (SB Audigy and ESI Maya44) and with my regular speakers (some Creative 2.1 set) and headphones (AKG K141 Studio).

It's quite strange situation. I do like the sounds though.

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I really don't know what to suggest, Dagaith. I'm obviously not hearing what you are.


I'll post in the main forum to see if anyone else is having problems with the files.


See you down there.

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