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F-14A/B/D Mod Help

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Hey gang I hope I have this request in the proper place. This goes out to the 1391 of you who downloaded

ravenclaw_007 F-14A/B/D mod. Has anyone but me had a problem making this work?? I have been downloading stuff

for years and have no problem following directions but this one has me stumped.

I follow it to the letter but the only change I see is half a pilot sticking out the bottom of the jet.

So anyway if anyone has had a similar problem please let me know how you made it work, Ill keep trying.

I'm sure it's something stupid I did not do right.

By the way, I did do a search but came up with nothing.




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You have to put the F14A/B/D LOD´s and Bmp´s in the main Aircraft folder, not the F-14A, F-14B or F-14D folders; like a pilot or seat.

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