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quick way to find addon aircraft

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if you do mp, and have addons, this helps alot in getting them out of your folder in order to avoid mismatched aircraft


the folder name for planes in your aircraft directory has no bearing on the game finding the plane files within the folder..


so if you add an x to the folder name for all your addons (ie se5_viper_sq becomes xse5_viper_sq), then all your addons will show up at the bottom of the aircraft folder,,,


if your lazy,,,and want them to show up at the top,,,,i suppose you could prefix them with aaa.........


and,,,if you make a folder called addons,,,put it in your obd folder,,,,,and keep all your addons there,,,,this is a quick bat file that will move them all to the aircraft directory quicly....


xcopy "c:\ObdSoftware\Addons\*.*" "c:\Obdsoftware\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\Aircraft\*.*" /e


copy,,paste into notepad,, save to desktop as xxxxx.bat,,,where xxx is anything your heart desires




when i want to get rid of addons,,i just find the xfiles,,and delete them,,,and then clicking on the bat file moves them all right back in..


should,,,anyone know how to move and or delete folders using wildcards...(ie,,,move or delete all folders beginning with x) ....i would appreciate the syntax...


would like to have a bat file for removing the addons too,,,but could not figure out how to do it..

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