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Mismatch of aircraft

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My mate and I are trying to get a MP game running, both are patched to 1.26 hotfix { 1.27 } and when either of us try to join the others game, it says we have a mismatch of aircraft??..Anyone any ideas as to how to get around this? We are only trying team dogfight at present and thought that we should have the same plane set files if we both use the same patches :(

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considerein you BOTH are getting mismatched, then its not a case where one has an addon, and the other doesnt. unless i suppose you both have different addons...


if either of you do have any non stock planes,,,you have to remove them from your aircraft directory in order to host and have someone who doestn have that plane to join.


would like to know if the mismatch is the all.d.III planes.


when one person had the 1.25 patch, and the other had the 1.26 patch, those planes all mismatched,,(along with others,,but these where the only ones that showed up)


i know you said you you had the hotfix, and,,not sure if you can apply the hotfix to 1.25 without getting an error message, but is there any possibility one of you applied the hotfix to the 1.25 patch, and not the 1.26 patch?


you can try this....host a game,,and on the same window where you select dogfight,,,,mission,,at the bottom select the change button on aircraft restrictions,,,select allow certain planes,,,and to start,,i would only pick 2 planes,,,,and see if you still have a problem...


once you get your problems squared we are forming a mp group. should you be interested in joining go here



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Fixed!!!..Turns out that the MP side of the game didn't like a patched version with numerous patches..ie 1.21, 1.22, 1.23 etc When we reinstalled and went straight with patch 1.28 all was well...so I'll try and join your online games at some point :)

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