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Triumphant first flight with Jasta 15

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JG II "Berthold", Jasta 15; Bonneuil Ferme / Golancourt Field 26, April 1918


Mission order: Railyard attack on Rail Marshalling 168

Takeoff: 08:15 h Wheather: low clouds, misty


Flight 1: Rudolf Berthold, Joachim von Ziegesar, Walter Dingel + two new wingmen

Flight2: myself, Rolf Krawolitzki, Hans-Joachim von Hertzen


The wheather looked better than in the forecast; it wasn't misty; the heavy thunderclouds

were of the same gray as the sea ooze between the isle of Norderney and the mainland of Ostfriesland,

my beloved homeland at the north sea.

It was my first flight with Jasta 15 (I arrived yesterday afternoon) and my second with an

Albatros D Va; after the introduction yesterday.

Felt good immediately; Berthold is a quiet, intelligent man; I felt safe with his flight.


West of waypoint 9, south-east of Moreuil, we encountered two flights. The first, 6 Sopwith Strutter,

crossed our way some 2.000 feet higher up, but Berthold didn't care. Watching the other flight, I climbed

sideways, to eventually get behind them. They were 5 Nieuport 17, and they jumped on Flight 1.

Their last mistake! Berthold's flight split up, diving - but only to pull up again; and now, they had advantage

of hight. They finished of the light grey planes, before I could even reach them.


I was a bit disappointed. Had I been too careful?

But wondering soon was over - 4-6 SPAD XIII came chasing down from between the clouds; carrying the

deep-red marking of Escadrille 88. Now, my distance became my advantage. I think, they hadn't even seen me!

Everyone was tossing and turning, spiraling down. I ordered attack for von Hertzen, but signed Krawolitzki to cover me.

And down we shot like Valkyries - the SPAD's didn't realise, what happened!

I hit the first craft so devastating, it expploded; and I regained altitude. The D Va is doing that fine; very strong,

she carried me back up. A look over the shoulder - Rolf still there with me.

He is a very good wingman; he remained behind me throughout the whole fight!


In a turn, I saw another SPAD attacking von Hertzen; chasing him down, firing all the time.

I thought, I heard the hammering; saw smoke coming off von Hertzen's craft! Oh, if I could only get there faster!

I went down like a falcon, almost vertically, but no problem with the wings!

And then I see von Hertzen crash right into the mud, and the SPAD pulling up again. But now I got him right in front of me.

He got a terrible burst and seemed to fall sidewards. He recovered a bit, but I was round my half turn and there again.

I literally shot him to pieces, and my rage was so terrible, that I only missed his stalling plane by inches - that could have

been my own end!

My next victim was a bit higher up, turnfighting with two Albatros. When it got too close for him, he broke away and thought,

he'd escape with a shallow dive and his speed advantage. Again, I'm sure, he didn't have me on the checklist.

He ran right into it, turned on his back and pulled down hard into the soil.

Now there was only one left. Quick check - Rolf still there. Good guardian angel!


I approached the last SPAD from underneath. It tried to steal away, smoking. Now, I was faster.

I went close, pulled up and fired some 100 - 150 rounds into it. He performed a slow left turn and crashed into a group of trees.

My god, what a morning! Berthold served champaign in the mess, before lunch, and I was off duty for the rest of the day.

So, I dug out my bottle of old Armagnac from my suitcase and drank two (or three?) glasses with Krawolitzki.

We drank on von Hertzen. Rolf said to me, I shouldn't quarrel with myself. I had chosen the right fights from the best angles;

he had felt safe behind me all the time. After that, we didn't speak no more.


[it is a real shame, and I was pretty annoied, that after "end flight", when I pressed "yes" on the question, if I really wanted to

end the flight, the game or system totally crashed. I could only do the monkey grip. Could that be from TrackIR? Anyone made a

similar experience?]

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Got a detail mixed up above.

The deep-red Esc. markings were on the Nieuports (kind of dragon or snake).

The SPADs had a yellow-black sort of snake, which I hadn't noticed in flight (only saw it close, when I just looked up the skins).

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Zer Gut Herr Olham! Love your stories, well written. Should be in the reports sticky for posterity. I think you are having some kind of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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You bet, Rickitycrate!

And the mission, that crashed at the exit yesterday, came again today! But this time, I could just kill two SPAD XIII,

which I think is still much more than expected.

I made some screens of my new skin, the "Wolf", which I add here.

And for the reports - I'll write a good one, when I survived something special.

Have fun and come back in one piece, Jim!

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Cry wolf- say "uncle". Another nice skin. I still want to learn but flying and other things come fiirst. Just taking frap shots has added another element of fun for me.

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