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    WWI aviation-books,sims,movies and models, same for WWII
    The Age of Sail-fighting ships,books, sims, and models.
    Fan of the Minnesota Twins baseball club.
    Huge fan of music with extreme range of taste. I have been a stamp collector since I was a wee lad. My best wishes to anyone who bothered to read this.


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  1. Spad V111 of the 94th

  2. Does AnKor's mod work on OFF?

    Thank your for starting this thread Widowmaker! And thanks to all the rest for sharing your settings and experience. I had taken a break and had hoped to run WOFF but this rig is not up to it. So I was reinstalling OFF and came across this info. It has me excited I'll say.
  3. For Olham: A Glimpse at RB3D

    I was thrilled with RB3D and all the others back in the day. Definitely fun and good times, a dream come true in some regards. OFF BHAH falls into the same category for me only to a greater extreme. WOFF/OBD seems to be promising more of the same and just may be the high-point of WWI flight combat simming. Time will tell. My money is OBD they have given me much and I have never been disappointed.
  4. Dear oh Dear... We Need WOFF

    Hi Widow! Say, who is the they in your "their" own forum on OBD site? One thing I see is that a good many of us have been playing Skyrim/Elder Scrolls games. I wonder if there might be interest in either forming a Guild for TESO or joining up as a bunch of OFFers with an existing quild. I am a MMOPG newb. I think I would rather have guild mates that I already know somewhat and have respect for. As to forming a guild I would not know where to start or how such things work. Any thoughts? Or guild recommendations? Thanks, Rickitycrate
  5. For Olham: A Glimpse at RB3D

    I remember breaking a Wingman Warrior while playing Wings Of Glory. I had 4 people standing behind me.... man did they laugh. Snap!
  6. Summer Update?

    Thanks for sharing your updates of goings on. For me, work and property upkeep. You know, all the real life stuff that seems to happen to us all at some point. As for gaming it's been modded Oblivion and Modded Skyrim. Finally playing with mods after so many vanilla go arounds has really added to the pleasure of my gaming experience. Why was I so reluctant?
  7. For Olham: A Glimpse at RB3D

    Played the crap out of unmodded RB3D. I broke 3 joysticks on that one, such fun.
  8. Dear oh Dear... We Need WOFF

    Hey lads! I've got a ballpark estimate of the release date for WINGS, is that what we call it for short? Anyway, since I am sooooooo...... looking forward to the spring 2014 release of The Elder Scrolls Online I calculate that both games, sorry Olham, will release on the same day creating a mind numbing situation of which one is going to suck up my time and existence the most. These 2 releases are all I look forward to for future gaming as they will be awesomely huge and most excellent. I look for new word of TESO every day and I can't understand the complaints I've seen about being teased with pics and vids of Wings progress. I for one like to be teased with goodness and have my expectations elevated. In the case of both games my faith is in the devs. I am in both cases an unapolligetic fan-boy. There's my 2 cents for ya! Best wishes, Rickitycrate
  9. OFF Windows 7 Theme

    CaptSopwith, do you think it is Vista compatable? Sounds like good bit of work you've done.
  10. Guesses at Release Date

    It will come out on a wonderful day. The sun will be shining and the birds will sing.
  11. OT: Call of Cthulhu:Wasteland

    Hey Hellshade thanks for the post I had no knowledge of this game and I am a big Lovecraft fan. The reviews sound promising.
  12. Just thought I'd drop in

    Don't be so scarce Britisheh.
  13. OT Going on sick leave

    Tony, best wishes. May you and your family be strengthened for a full recovery. Jim
  14. Hello... and wow..

    OVS, good for you mate! You are young enough and fit enough to pursue something you seem to have a passion for. Serving the community at large is not something you will ever regret.
  15. Setting Up a Blip Switch in OFF

    Hi Beard! Thanks for the heads up! I'll give a look.

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