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Ducking For Cover

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Pheweeee! :tomato2: I seem to have stirred up a hornets nest over at The Aerodrome, and have come here to escape. :smile:


I made the mistake of raising the question as to how many 'all-red' triplanes MvR flew. The reason I asked is because in 'No Parachute' Lee mentions that he had a combat with one on the 6th September 1917, and the commonly held view is that MvR only flew one in April 1918. Given the body of knowledge at The Aerodrome I expected someone to simply say that they had seen the relevant combat reports of 46 Squadron and that they did not support Lee's claim.


But no one has said so - which either means they have and couldn't be bothered answering, or haven't which means that the research into the subject isn't as thorough as has been claimed. Interesting.


So look out if you go over there. It's a bit delicate. :)

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This is the German Wikipedia site, Pips, as they seem to be more accurate about German planes.



This is still no proof, that he hadn't flown an all red one earlier. But I think to remember a T.V. program

about him, were they said, his early Dr.1 were only partially red; the rest was dark Fokker green.

This picture show the all-red replica; underneath it's said, that it was the plane he flew short before his

death - so, in 1918.

I could well imagine, that a pilot, writing about a dogfight later, gets some details wrong. I mean, I often can't

even remember plane types, Squad. Nr.s or markings after flying a SIMm, safe from my seat, with a cookie

and coffee next to me (thanks, UncleAl, for the cookie-idea!)

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And here's another link to WINGS PALETTE. And the plane from March 1918, still red and green.




I saw a firing debate there at the Aerodrome about a photograph of the planes of two Jastas, I think it was.

And a guy could pretty well proof - with photos he had taken there himself recently - that the old photograph

was not taken at airfield A, but airfield B (can't remember, it was about Roucourt and Brayelles, or something).


And the fine senior member, Dan San Abbott, seemed to have been wrong with ealier statements. So what?

He must be one of those to ask a lot, cause he collected a lot of knowledge. But we're all only human.

Sometimes we BELIEVE to know something. Or - perhaps we BELIEVE to know something all the time?

Edited by Olham

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I'm with you, Olham. I remember reading (somewhere in the distant past) that MvR flew a red Albatross, but the Dr.1 was only partially red. Honestly, I don't know why someone didn't salvage his plane and put it away, since Richtofen was apparently such a feared/revered figure in WWI. Then we'd know for sure.


And Pips. Nice move dropping a "Baby Ruth" in the punchbowl at the Aerodrome and running. (see "Caddyshack", pool party scene for the reference - you'll know what I mean). Who knows, you may start the same thing here!

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