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  1. How many of us still fly WOFF?

    After a couple of years' diversion with Dragon Age, Witcher, and Civ V and VI, I've decided to pick up the joystick once more. I bought WOFF UE a while ago, played it a bit and eventually got distracted with the aforementioned games. I just fired it up again and patched from 4.11 to 4.17. Now I've got to relearn all the keymapping that I had set up - muscle memory, you know. On the first mission, I mistakenly enlisted in a DH2 squadron outside of London. Good for re-learning how to fly, but pretty lousy for re-learning how to dogfight. I just retired after a 45 minute out-and-in flight (couldn't remember how to quit a mission) and reenlisted to a squadron in Flanders. Can't wait to see what happens. Of course, this all may come to a crashing halt if/when Mechwarrior V comes out...
  2. Gentlemen, I'm back! I just ordered, downloaded, and installed UE. I had been offline since upgrading to a new machine a while ago when my OFF BH&H didn't make it due to a Win10 failure of the Saitek X45 joystick. So I just relegated the whole WWI flying thing to the dustbin. Well, I've finally gotten everything back in order, with a new, Thrustmaster 4 and a Samsung SSD. In the interim, I have been checking in on the OBD website as well as here, and I saw the Christmas sale. Now I'm just trying to get my skills back and I'll be clearing the skies over Flanders in no time.
  3. OT--Attack Collie

    Going through pilot survival training at Eglin AFB, Florida, my crew and I caught, killed, and ate one of the little buggers. We divvied it up, boiled it and then cooked the pieces over a small campfire. After three days without food, you will eat just about anything. BTW, it tastes like pork.
  4. OT Welcome to the show, Donald!

    ...or having someone explain how to play cricket and how much fun it is (and why does a game take three days?)
  5. ANZAC Day

    A salute to our mates Down Under
  6. BHaH is AMAZING

    Luckily, my transmitter/receiver is still unbroken, but I do have the reflector stapled to a baseball cap.
  7. BHaH is AMAZING

    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you're taking this flying seriously. I don't know if you can go through the mission recap before filling out the claims (I don't think that you can). But pausing and writing down all the details really helps. If you really want to get a shock to your system - fly BHaH for a while and then fire up plain old vanilla CFS3. You won't believe they're the same game engine!
  8. A Century Later........

    Well, the balloon IS full of hot air...
  9. Asa Butterfield did an amazing job in "Hugo" and I can't wait to see how he does in the title role in "Ender's Game" when it comes out in November. Since Hauksbee's script is still on the drawing board, there is time for this kid to age into the role. Interesting coincidence is that he was born 100 years after Voss, so if you start filming in 2016 or 2017, he'll be exactly the right age!
  10. I Must Confess....

    For some reason I got rid of all my Amiga disks when I got rid of my 1986-era 1stGen Amiga (256 kb RAM +256 kb expansion +2mb StarBoard, 13" monitor, 2400 baud modem), but didn't unload all my PC disks when I deep-sixed the 3.5" disk drive in favor of CDs then DVDs then Thumbdrives and now external 1TB harddrives.
  11. I Must Confess....

    I suppose it does. Funny thing is that I've got all these 3.5" diskettes (at least 50 of them), but havent' had a 3.5" drive my computers in about 10 years! I had completely forgotten about them until you posted this thread. Maybe it's finally time to dump these things.
  12. I Must Confess....

    Let's talk hoarding. You guys see if you can beat this...
  13. i-Pad, Rabbit or Bicycle?

    I'm just replying the way my kids would have. They want them all and couldn't choose, so they try to pick all three. Honestly, if I try to think like a 5-year old, the greatest number would pick the rabbits and/or iPods.
  14. i-Pad, Rabbit or Bicycle?

    5 iPad 5 Rabbit 5 Bike 5 All three
  15. Bloody great Russian...tanks?

    The WWI game, Toy Soldiers, has the Tsar tank in it. I thought it was fictional until I saw some other articles on it:

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